Rogue Legacy 2: Patch 0.7.0 Introduces New Features, Class Balancing Changes

Rogue Legacy 2 Haunted Hallow's Eve Update
Rogue Legacy 2 Haunted Hallow's Eve Update Twitter/@CellarDoorGames

Patch 0.7.0, also known as the Haunted Hallow’s Eve Update for Rogue Legacy 2, is now available. This patch celebrates Halloween as monsters are dressed appropriately for the annual Monster’s Ball, which will end on Thursday, November 4.

New Features

There are three new Fabled weapons that you can acquire in this update. These are the Charon’s Scythe, the Eclectic Lute, and the remade Spoon. Unlike the other weapons, these new ones will force you to play differently but in a fun way.

For those who have finished Rogue Legacy 2 but still want to continue, there are new Scar Challenges available in the New Game+. Take note that this is not a walk in the park, so you better make sure that you use everything in your arsenal to succeed.

Class Updates

The developers at Cellar Door Games understand that when the Ronin class was released, it was a bit more overpowered than expected since most people would just stack Strength and call it a day.

Well, they are going to change the class a bit by improving Intelligence or INT-based builds. For this reason, the Immortal Kotetsu’s INT damage scaling is increased to 225%, while the Katana’s damage is reduced to 200% STR from 225%.

Another class that got a noticeable improvement is the Valkyrie. The class’ mana regen from the Deflect Talent is raised to 15 mana per projectile destroyed. If you get the right passives and focus on countering projectiles, you will undoubtedly get insane levels of Spell DPS.

Patch 0.7.0 Highlights


  • Immortal Kotetsu hitbox increased
  • Immortal Kotetsu INT damage scaling increased from 200% to 225%
  • Max Lute Note projectiles reduced to 3
  • Lute Note repeat hit-rate reduced slightly
  • Crescendo damage reduced from 200% INT to 175% INT
  • De-cloaking now gives you a very small window of immunity, so you can win out in trades


  • New Spoon Redesign: The Spoon now bounces once after hitting an enemy, the wall, or the ground. After bouncing, the Spoon will trigger a Skill Crit. on whatever it hits, and gains additional INT scaling. Sporeburst has been removed from the attack


  • Community: Silver chests will now always drop loot if they can. Now you’ll always be rewarded with gear if you come across a Silver chest, and if you DON’T get loot, then you know you need to go deeper into the game
  • Silver chest spawn rates reduced slightly


  • New enemy Sparkologers added to the game
  • Tier 2 and 3 Cursors (previously called Curser’s) have been given a new attack
  • Commander bonus HP reduced
  • Shield Banner Commander invincibility aura radius reduced
  • Shredder Commander Critical Strike bonus reduced from +50% to +15%
  • Enemy HP and damage scaling in deeper NGs reduced

You can read the full patch notes here.

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