Rogue Legacy 2: Patch 0.6.2 Implements New Features and Game Fixes

Rogues Legacy 2 Patch 0.6.2
Rogues Legacy 2 Patch 0.6.2 Twitter/@CellarDoorGames

Cellar Door Games released a new update for Rogue Legacy 2 recently. Patch 0.6.2 has added some welcome features into the game. Plus, fixes implemented in this update have resolved some known issues, including several “Knuts” bugs and relic effects being applied when hitting enemies with doors.

Gameplay Changes

In a quest to balance all game elements, the devs have adjusted existing runes. The Folding Rune, for example, now has a reduced maximum Armor Block cap, while the Quenching Rune has its total Armor bonus decreased a little bit.

For spells, the Sporeburst Spell has been nerfed as its base damage has been reduced to 170%, and other runes that extend status effect durations will no longer affect Sporeburst. In addition, the Freeze Strike spell has its knockback defense reduction removed when freezing enemies.

New features have been added to the game as well. There is a new option that allows you to disable the HUD fading in the settings. New sound effects are added, most notably the sound updates for Tubal and some missing ones for Ladon’s cutscene.

Bug Fixes

As mentioned earlier, some fixes concern Knuts have arrived. For instance, Knuts will no longer spawn on top of spikes. Devs also fixed the issue where Knuts will not sometimes hook to ceilings.

Those who have multiple weapons may have found that critical effects only affect one weapon before this update. Well, this is no longer a problem as this has been resolved.

Update Highlights for Patch 0.6.2

  • You now receive XP, Lifesteal, and increments to your relic kill counters as soon as an enemy's health reaches 0, instead of when they explode (most noticeable with Mimic Chests and bosses)
  • Enemy HP and Strength now scale with your NG+ level, as opposed to only scaling based on their increased levels
  • Fixed bug where Knuts was firing projectiles from the center of their body, instead of from their mouth
  • Fixed bug where you could sometimes fall through heirloom water
  • Fixed bug where critical effects on weapons would only appear on one weapon if the player had multiple weapons
  • Attempted fix for some awkward music transitions between biomes
  • Updated several rooms to clean up bad props and missing enemies
  • Fixed bug where air-jumping while in front of a large one-way platform like a barrel would register as a ground jump instead of an air jump

If you want to learn more, you can read the full patch notes here.

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