The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror Expansion Now Available

Metal Terror Expansion
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The first major expansion for the base-building strategy game The Riftbreaker is finally here. The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror has a free update available to all players, and also the paid DLC worth $9.99 that brings new story content.

New Content

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror gives players an entirely new biome to explore called the Metallic Valley. Those who will purchase the DLC get a new branch of the story campaign. Players who already finished the base game can continue where they left off and start taking on new missions featured in the expansion.

Additionally, there’s a new resource that can only be found in Metallic Valley called Morphium. It is a liquid resource that can be used both as a power source and a major component of certain buildings.

If there’s a new biome, players can expect new creatures as well. There are several new enemies that players must know about. First is the Wingmite which is a lightning-quick flying creature that can easily swarm players and hurt them using melee attacks.

New Enemy: Wingmite
New Enemy: Wingmite Steam

Second is a slower flying unit called the Bradron. Unlike its Wingmite brethren, the Bradron attacks from a distance using its laser beam. This creature is also capable of disabling some of Mr. Riggs’ equipment with its EMP blast.

New Enemy: Bradron
New Enemy: Bradron Steam

The third creature of the bunch is the Octabit - a creepy, self-replicating cube that acts as a battering ram. It explodes on contact and can split into smaller versions of itself when destroyed.

New Enemy: Octabit
New Enemy: Octabit Steam

Lastly, the Flurian is a rather grotesque creature with a huge plasma grenade launcher fused to its body. Players who come close to it can be ripped to shreds courtesy of its large metallic claws.

New Enemy: Flurian
New Enemy: Flurian Steam


The free update also brought some major quality-of-life improvements. For one, players now have access to mass upgrade, repair, and deconstruction tools. The community had been clamoring for a feature that lets them repair more buildings at once, so it’s nice to see that the developers have given them what they wanted.

Another great feature is the Power Switch. This allows players to quickly power buildings on or off on a whim; this is handy when the power grid is under heavy load.

Some new buildings are added as well. The Morphium Power Plant is one of the new buildings that require Morphium as the source of power. It generates a steady stream of power, which makes it perfect for setting up resource outposts.

Moreover, players can manage melee attackers by putting up the new Energy Wall. These walls, unlike their regular counterparts, can deal damage to melee attackers in retaliation to being hit.

So, what can you say about the game's latest expansion?

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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