The Riftbreaker: October 18 Update Improves Overall Game Stability

The Riftbreaker
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The Riftbreaker was released last week. It is developed by EXOR Studios and is about creating a two-way rift in a distant planet called Galatea 37, where your mission is to build a base, extract resources, defend your colony against invaders, and then go back to Earth.

You will be controlling Captain Ashley S. Nowak - an elite scientist-commando who rides her trusty mecha-suit which she calls “Mr. Riggs.” The Riftbreaker is a base-building survival game, but it's unique for having some action-RPG elements baked in. It is no wonder that it garnered a very positive rating on Steam with over 1,100 reviews.

That being said, the developers have deployed an update to improve its overall stability. One major change is that map save files will no longer be removed when jumping between planetary locations. This is to help prevent corruption and loss of progress and the devs are hoping that those who have lost their saves before this patch will no longer suffer from this problem ever again.

Crash fixes were also implemented. These should fix the crashes caused by the fog of war system, weapon mod system, and inventory screen.

October 18 Update Highlights

  • Autosaves can no longer be manually overwritten
  • The game will attempt to create a unique save backup directory for every save state
  • Fixed Lua crash related to building/selling buildings during regular gameplay
  • Fixed several crashes in the inventory screen, the fog of war system, and weapon mod system
  • The game will no longer display LUA assertions that could interrupt your gameplay
  • Forced a larger minimum number of cryoplants to spawn on the map to prevent bad RNG instances
  • Increased the chance of spawning large cryoplants instead of small cryoplants to provide more scannable objects
  • Increased the bioscanner hint display time to encourage using the scanner instead of destroying the plants
  • Destroyed Cryoplants will now regrow over time to always be present on the Volcanic Area Reconnaissance mission
  • Tweaked the size of loot containers
  • Increased chance to receive a skin for Mr. Riggs after opening a Bioanomaly
  • Increased chance for mod drop from all enemies
  • Fixed lights in Small Machine Gun and Minigun projectiles

The developers have stated that they are currently working on a fix for crashes related to DirectX 12. A new patch may be available soon.

The Riftbreaker October 18 update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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