The Riftbreaker: Latest Experimental Update Invites Players to Celebrate the Spring Festival

The Riftbreaker
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A new beta update is now available on The Riftbreaker’s experimental branch. This patch invites you to celebrate the Spring Festival with two new skins for Mr. Riggs, as well as new floor patterns, sentinel towers, lamp models, and a custom weather event.

The latest update also brings changes and game improvements. One of the most notable is the rework of the mouse cursor implementation. Moving your mouse now feels faster and more responsive. Furthermore, some potentially unwanted behaviors such as cursor lagging have been resolved.

Aside from that, the developers have implemented different main menu backgrounds for the full game version and the Prologue to help you distinguish one from the other more easily.

For optimizations, the HP of large magnetic rocks is reduced, making them easier to deal with. In addition, the energy priority system is improved. Back then, the buildings would come online and offline randomly in an energy shortage. But now, outages are more predictable, and AI hubs take more priority over defensive towers during energy allocation.

Update Highlights

  • The Statistics screen has been reworked and added to the in-game menu and the end game screen.
  • Changed the radius of the objective marker in the Tanzanite Concentration mission from 100 to 10 meters
  • Deployable Sentry Guns are more visible now, thanks to tweaked visual effects
  • Temporary (green) Rift Portals are now light emitters
  • Adjusted fade-in and fade-out timings for dynamic decals: blood splats, explosions, and similar
  • Menu screens have been adjusted to fill the screen space better on non- 16:9 aspect ratio displays
  • Loot from Acidic Yeast should be more visible now
  • Fixed collision of multiple small vegetation pieces to improve scanning with the Bioscanner
  • Fixed AI core cost errors that happened while using cost-reducing gear, like Maintenance Tools
  • The Cryo Station no longer takes damage shortly after being built on the Magma floor
  • Fixed an error that happened when deleting saves through the main menu
  • New sound added for gates opening and closing
  • The sound framework has been reworked entirely, eliminating many issues and crashes that happened before. Please let us know if you notice any strange behavior regarding sound

Keep in mind that the new features, improvements, and bug fixes in this update are still subject to change. Things might be a bit different when the final version is released.

The Riftbreaker January 24 experimental update is available on PC.

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