Returnal: New Patch Fixes Issues Including Corrupted Save Bug

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Have you had issues with Returnal lately? Players who downloaded the previous Patch 1.3.3 need to update their games immediately. Patch 1.3.6 was just released and it comes with some fixes and minor improvements, including the fix for the dreaded save bug.

Housemarque posted on Twitter the details of the latest patch. The most notable fix is the resolution for the issue with corrupted game saves.

For those not aware, Patch 1.3.3 had a major bug wherein players would lose their progress, and apparently, there was something that triggered the game to corrupt its files. To prevent that from happening, players would have to put their consoles in “rest mode.” The underlying issue was not disclosed, though the developer made sure that the new patch fixed it.

In addition, the developer also advised people to turn their auto-updates off to stop active runs. This is to prevent users from getting the buggy 1.3.3 patch and keep their current in-game sessions running, avoiding data corruption. Thankfully, it only took less than 48 hours (since the release of the said patch) for them to come up with a workaround.

Aside from fixing the most game-breaking bug, there are more other tweaks as well.

Those who experienced random crashes while playing the game may encounter them less after updating.

Other notable improvements including correct healing behavior, preorder suits no longer blocking doors and items, and players can now map their controls properly.

Although the developer released essential fixes with the new patch, some players are not too happy. Some expressed disappointment like the crash issue was not totally removed, while others commented about frame rate problems. There is no news yet if the developer plans to address these issues on the next update.

However, the patch seems to be working for a lot of players. Still, be best to report any new issues that you may find.

Have you downloaded the latest patch now? What is your experience?

Returnal is currently available on Playstation 5.

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