Respawn and Oculus-Produced Short Documentary Collette Wins Oscar Award

Preserving history.
Preserving history. IMDB

Did you know that the Oscar Awards 2021 was yesterday? If you didn’t know, not to worry since it doesn’t have the fanfare that it had in the past. Still, there was one bit of news that should make any gamer happy.

Among numerous award categories, there’s one known as Best Documentary Short Subject. Of the five nominees, it was Colette that received the Oscar. Produced by Alice Doyard and Directed by Anthony Giacchino, the film follows the story of Colette Marin-Catherine, a former member of the French Resistance. The film takes viewers on a journey as she goes to Germany, her first in 74 years. While there, she inspires a young history student who later convinced her to visit the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp. This is the same camp where her brother died.

Video Game Connection

So, what makes this good news for gamers you ask? Well, the short film was co-produced by both Oculus and Respawn Entertainment. The short film is part of the game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, something players should also be familiar with already. Those new to the game can go to the game’s gallery mode where they can watch this short documentary.

While not explicitly mentioned during the awards show, Colette’s win marks the first time a video game got an Oscar award for its content.

The Story Behind the Story

In a report, Giacchino and Doyard revealed that they got the idea for the short film as they were making a different documentary. Their guide for that particular documentary introduced them to Colette. After that, the two interviewed Colette and realized they didn’t want to just come out with a simple portrait.

The two had wanted Colette to visit the concentration camp but it was clear Colette would not agree to it. Continuing on their research, they learned about Lucie Fouble, a young history student who herself was doing research on Colette’s brother.

The Road to the Awards

It was back in March when it was announced that Colette secured a nomination for the category.

Peter Hirschmann shared that the Medal of Honor series has all about being authentic. Hirschmann was the writer and director for the original Medal of Honor and is the one responsible for Above and Beyond.

Meanwhile, Giacchino said that they decided to do the film since it was important not just to rely on archival footage. He added that whether the documentary wins, the important thing was for Colette’s story to be heard.

The good news is that it won and snatched a win for history and video games.

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