Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond Is Offering A Different Kind Of WW2 Gaming Experience

A new kind of experience.
A new kind of experience. Respawn Entertainment

If you like playing games about World War 2, then you’ll most likely want Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. The game is now available on both Steam and Oculus Rift platforms and offers what is clearly the deepest VR game to date. That’s right! Prepare to not only play a game about this period in history but also be immersed in it.

The game has a single-player campaign. It's not only highly innovative but also delivers VR immersive to the next level. Players take on the role of soldiers during some of World War 2’s most pivotal moments. In particular, players take on a recruit of the Office of Strategic Services. It is the predecessor of the agency that would later become the CIA. Get the chance to be on missions, which takes players to Tunisia and even across Europe.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond also has a multiplayer feature. That offers 12 unique maps along with 5 multiplayer modes. Fans of the Medal of Honor series are sure to love the return of classic modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and even Domination. Then, there is Blast Radius, which can be described as a rather explosive take on the classic King of the Hill. Players are sure to get excited and challenged with Mad Bomber. In this mode, players can place bombs anywhere they can physically reach and can search for what other players placed using both eyes and ears. This should truly be fun, especially in a VR setting.

The game brings back The Gallery as well, the same one from the first Medal of Honor released in 1999. Developer Respawn Entertainment managed to release a series of short films, which featured interviews from real World War 2 veterans. Here, they shared their stories and players can experience them through the immersive VR 360 footage. The Gallery includes a documentary titled COLETTE. With this, players get the chance to meet a French resistance fighter during the war.

Talking about this new release, Respawn Game Director Peter Hirschmann said that being able to return to the series and to “create this immersive VR experience has been an honor for me and the team at Respawn.” He added that the series has always been about ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the face of overwhelming odds and the game continues on that wonderful tradition.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is available on Steam or the Oculus Store for $59.99.

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