Respawn Entertainment Tracks DDoS Cheaters Down on Apex Legends

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Ever since Apex Legends came into existence, a lot of people have been enjoying its refreshing take on the hero shooter genre. Of course, as it is gaining popularity all over the world, you can also expect some shady individuals to come into play.

There is no doubt that cheaters and hackers have become rampant in Apex Legends. From people who use aimbots to those using different programs to bombard the servers, there are just plenty of them out there.

That said, Respawn Entertainment is as frustrated as the players are when it comes to these cheaters, and that is why they’ve made a commitment to crack down on DDoS cheaters to ensure fair and smooth gameplay for everyone.

Conor Ford, developer and security analyst at Respawn, tweeted that the company is now trying to address the issue to thwart DDoS cheaters. Although it is a tall order, developers are looking for effective ways to counter these inappropriate gaming acts.

Plus, they are continuing on their commitment to issue ban waves. A total of 31 abusers have also been shadowbanned recently, so you can tell that the company is definitely on a mission to stop these individuals.

DDOS Cheaters in Action

User @ZabelTheAlien posted a video on Ford’s tweet as a reply. In the video, you can see that the player just got disconnected by three possible DDoS cheaters and they claim that these people may have done the deed.

Many players are clinging to what Ford said about taking care of shady individuals in the game. They hope that the supposed patch to fix all of this will come very soon.

Even when this issue is rampant, Apex Legends players on consoles seem less hit compared to PC players.

User @MouseKlavin tweeted: “Damn console apex is startin to sound more and more inticing.”

What do you think about the company’s move to track DDoS cheaters down? Have you experienced a game where you’ve experienced this lately?

Back in March, Ford banned more than 700 high-ranked players in the game. If you’ve come across a player or a group of people who you think are some sort of hacking program or cheat, record a video or send any irrefutable evidence to the company so that they can be addressed.

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