Apex Legends Nerfs Spitfire LMG and Bocek

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy
Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy EA

Are you enjoying the new Apex Legends: Legacy update so far? If so, expect the impact from the May 11 patch.

The Legacy update introduced many things: from arenas to the new Legend, Valkyrie. With it, two new weapons have gained popularity due to their overpowered nature. The weapons in question are the Spitfire LMG and the Bocek marksman bow.

Developer Respawn Entertainment revealed that two new updates are available and they are focused more on game balance and bug fixes.

What’s New?

The May 11 patches are filled with several adjustments and fixes. First, the Spitfire LMG’s damage has been reduced from 19 to 18 and its magazine size is reduced by five. Bocek’s body shot damage has also been reduced from 70 to 60 and the weapon’s charge time is increased from 0.54 to 0.56 seconds.

Bocek is a new type of weapon introduced in the Legacy update and associate live balance designer John Larson knew that it is going to be overpowered.

“We erred on the strong side because it’s a really freakin’ cool weapon and we wanted to make sure y’all give it a chance,” he tweeted.

Aside from changing the damage output of some weapons, the patch also fixed many issues concerning the arena and some of Valkyrie’s kit.

There was this issue where an arena match will not end when all of the opposing team’s members leave. There was also a problem with the inconsistency in tracking “time survived” during a match. These have been fixed by the recent patch.

If you are enjoying Valkyrie, you know that she has two passive abilities. One is "Recon" where she uses beacons to mark a specific location on the map. The issue here is that the said ability can also highlight players who are dead or in spectator mode, which can be problematic. Thankfully, that is no longer a problem as it has been addressed by the devs.

Read the complete patch notes for all changes.

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