Resident Evil Village Release Date, PS5 Demo, Xbox One|PS4 Version, Multiplayer, and More

Resident Evil 8: Village
Resident Evil 8: Village CAPCOM

Resident Evil Village is the next entry in the long-running horror franchise. Recently, Capcom revealed tons of new information about the upcoming game. You can watch the third trailer of RE: Village below.

Release Date

We finally have a proper release date. The game will launch worldwide on May 7, 2021, to all major platforms, including past-gen consoles. You will be able to play RE: Village on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

You will play as the previous game’s protagonist, Ethan Winters, and this time, it’s your daughter who has gone missing, and your task is to find her. One major thing different in RE: Village from previous Resident Evil games is its enemies. Instead of fighting the same old generic zombies, you will be fighting witches and werewolves.


Capcom also released six-minute-long gameplay footage that revealed several gameplay mechanics. RE: Village will retain the first-person view (thank you for this). The inventory system is expanded from the previous game, much similar to the system in Resident Evil 4. The Merchant also makes a return but he has gained some weight and with a very "different" personality. Players can buy multiple weapons and healing items from him.

Separate Multiplayer Game

RE: Village also comes with a separate multiplayer game caned Resident Evil Re: Verse. It is a third-person multiplayer game that will pit players against each other. One match will contain six players fighting to survive.

Planned Demos

There are two planned demos of the game. PlayStation 5 owners can download the "MAIDEN" demo right now. The second beta for other platforms will be available at a later date.

There are still a few things we don’t know about. Previously, it was leaked that the PlayStation 5 version of RE: Village will contain a VR mode. However, we didn’t get the confirmation we were looking for.

If the VR version is in development, then it’s more good news for PS5 owners. It was previously confirmed that PS5 will run RE: Village on Dynamic 4K with Ray Tracing.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Resident Evil Village? Will you pre-order the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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