RELOADED Update for Summoners War: Sky Arena Now Live

A big change has arrived. Com2Us

A new update for Summoners War: Sky Arena has been released. Titled RELOADED, this major update not only expands the game's already rich content, but also introduces new monsters, runes, and dungeons.

The two new monsters to watch out for are Asura and Indra, since each one has unique skill sets. The four-armed god Asura is all about multi-hits while Indra can transform into a suped-up form and can strike the enemy with lightning skill.

Other new content courtesy of the RELOADED update includes:

  • New Monsters
    • Take advantage of "Special Summon." This raises the chance of pulling two monsters at a higher rate.
  • New Runes and Revamp
    • Rune Enhancement now has a 100% probability with cost increasing according to the expected value.
    • Players can obtain Essence of Runes and combine them with others to create new Legend grade Runes.
    • Seal Rune sets can be obtained in the Spiritual Realm.
    • Intangible Runes from the new Abyssal Floor round out the kit.
  • New Dungeons
    • Summoners can now take on the Spiritual Realm, which has been added to Cairos Dungeon. It consists of 1 to 10 floors and a mid-boss.
    • The Spiritual Realm's wind attribute prevents continuous damage from monsters or overlapping use of the same monster.
    • In the dungeon, players can obtain Fight, Enhance, Accuracy, Determination, and Tolerance runes, previously dropped in the Rift Dungeon, as well as newly added Seal Runes.
    • Abyssal Floor, where Summoners can collect the Intangible Rune as a special reward, is now available in Cairos Dungeon and to be updated seasonally.
  • Battle System Improvements
    • Unify attack gauge conditions with an additional turn.
    • Utilize Absorption to decrease the remaining gauge and increase by the reduced value.

Bonus Rewards

As part of the new update, new, novice, and returning summoners who pre-registered for this new update can get these:

  • 9-Year Special Scroll x5
  • Mana Stone +300,000
  • Super Angelmon x1
  • 4-Star Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x3
  • Awakening Force x1

You can check out what the new update brings to the game here.

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a turn-based strategy MMO game released in 2014 on Android and iOS. In the game, players take on the role of summoners and open scrolls to acquire monsters to fight in turn-based battles. It offers endless fun by having players decorate their village, fight with other summoners, explore dungeons, train monsters, and expand their collection.

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