Saitama Makes His Way to Summoners War: Chronicles in Upcoming Collab

Ready for Saitama?
Ready for Saitama? Com2Us

Get ready for a serious collaboration with Saitama coming to Summoners War: Chronicles April 27. Saitama is the main protagonist of the anime One Punch Man, a hero who can defeat any enemy with a single punch.

While not much has been revealed on what players can expect from this upcoming collab, everyone is invited to prepare for the eventual arrival of Saitama with the Serious Coupon Event. It's quite simple since players receive a special reward coupon per training. To complete the serious coupon, they need to finish two training sessions. Right now, players can already train with Saitama and later in the month, they can do the same with Genos (April 17) and Terrible Tornado (April 20).

There's also the One Punch Event where players can enter the draw with the One Punch button. Winners are selected at random with the prizes being:

  • iPhone 14 (10 winners)
  • AirPods 3rd Gen (30 winners)

Players can also log in to the game to earn the Collab Special 10-Day Development Rewards:

  • Day 1: Breath of Life x300
  • Day 2: Essence of Magic x100
  • Day 3: Elite Scroll x1
  • Day 4: 4 ★ Rainbowmon x10
  • Day 5: Elite Scroll x1
  • Day 6: Breath of Life x500
  • Day 7: 4 ★ Elite Training Coupon x1
  • Day 8: Elite Scroll x2
  • Day 9: 5 ★ Elite Training Coupon x1
  • Day 10: Elite Scroll x2

New Update

While waiting for the new collab to go live, players can now enjoy new content courtesy of the latest update, which includes the following:

  • All Together Monster’s Adventure Log
    • Period: April 14 to April 29
    • Details: Complete the Monster's Adventure Log and get various rewards.
  • Incoming Guild Request
    • Period: April 13 to April 20
    • Details: Complete guild requests to get "Breath of Life," "Sky Stones," and "5 ★ Devilmon."
      • Guild Requests can be completed without a limit but rewards can only be obtained up to three times a day.
  • 5 ★ Ifrit (Fire) Rate UP Summon
    • Period : April 13 to April 27
    • Details : Select a Rate UP Summon of the desired attribute in the [Altar's Blessing] to summon the fire attribute of Ifrit with a higher chance.
  • Collection Challenge Season 6
    • Period : April 13 to May 11
    • Details : Clear the new Collection Challenge missions and get various rewards like Mystical Scrolls and 5 ★ Devilmon.

Summoners War: Chronicles is available on PC via Steam, Android, and iOS.

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