Red Dead Online Weekly Update: The Legendary Banded Gator Is Here

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Another good week for Naturalists.
Another good week for Naturalists. Rockstar Games

Looks like it’s another good week for the Naturalist in Red Dead Online. According to Harriet Davenport, just outside Saint Denis is an untamed beast that appears to be older than time itself. It’s none other than the Legendary Banded Gator. This one is known to have a taste for human flesh and it has the teeth and temperament to back it up.

Like with any new Legendary Beast, there are two ways to go about dealing with it. Naturalists need to be at least Rank 5 in order to take on this new Sighting Mission. Simply go to any of Harriet’s Shops and request it from the available mission list.

Players can also use lethal force instead of simply sedating the Banded Gator. Should they do so, they can then sell the skin to Gus at his store. This should unlock the option to craft and purchase the custom and fashionable Banded Coat.

That’s not all that’s happening over at Gus’ Store. For this week, players can craft any coat and get rewarded with a free vest. Additionally, players who craft anything in Gus' store get rewarded with 25 free Trader Goods. Players can also craft a trinket to be rewarded with a free Poncho.

So what else is happening this week? There are new items added to The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog. These include new colorways like on the Comstock Boots, Millard Boots, and Heathland Chaps. The Hopsmere Cardigan and Mitehill Pants are also new in the catalog this week.

Finally, there are limited-time only items that include the Fernwater Coat and Hopeman Vest.

Moving over to bonuses and benefits, it’s another big week for Naturalists. Players that choose this role get five Gold Bars off the price of the Animal Field Guide, Legendary Animal Map, and Sample Kit. Then there’s also the 30% discount on all Novice and Promising Naturalist Items. The same discount is offered for the Improved Bow.

Finally, we go to offers for Prime Gaming. This is for Red Dead Online players that connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account. For this week, the Rewards are:

  • Five Free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • A free Wilderness Camp
  • A free Katata Coat after brining its pelt to Gus’ Store

For players that have yet to connect their Prime Gaming account, there are a number of rewards especially for those who do so before September 14. These are:

  • Free Icahi Coat by bringing the Legendary Icahi Boar Hide to Gus’ Store
  • Five Rewards for a Free box of Nitro Express Ammunition
  • Reward for 50 rounds of Sedative Varmint Cartridges
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