Red Dead Online’s Promised Naturalist Update Is Here And Yes, It’s Huge

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Time to be one with nature.
Time to be one with nature. Rockstar Games

Over the past weeks Red Dead Online players have been complaining about the rather lean updates they were getting. This has since led to a form of in-game protest where players joined the game dressed as clowns. Last week, developer Rockstar Games promised to release a massive update and well, looks like they delivered.

For starters, there’s now a new Frontier Pursuit Role known as the Naturalist. This is one which lets you track, hunt, and study animals. Along with the new role, prepare to meet Legendary Animals should you choose to go on this path. There’s also going to be a lot of new things like a new advanced camera and free roam events. There’s even a new Outlaw Pass.

Don’t worry as we’ll help you sort all of this out. Before we dive into things, check out the trailer below for the Naturalist:

Explore The Animal Kingdom

So what’s the deal with this new role? It all begins with the accomplished conservationist known as Harriet Davenport. She is currently looking for those who have an affinity for wildlife and players can help her in tracking down specimens in order to expand her knowledge of the animals of the five states. When you take on the role, you get to see some fascinating creatures. Take care in sedating them in order to obtain some samples for Harriet and get rewards in return.

Protect the wild.
Protect the wild. Rockstar Games

If that sounds rather tame or not your style, you can always go to Gus Macmillan. This retired big game hunter has long been at odds with what Harriet is doing. He’s more than willing to compensate you for your hunting skills. You want some fine clothing made from animal hides? Well, Gus has a lot of that. If you’re thinking of playing both sides, do know that Harriet will eventually get wind on it.

In order to start on this role, you need to go to the Welcome Center in the town of Strawberry. There you get to meet the two and be given a new Animal Field Guide. This is a compendium that features many of the species found on the frontier. Tracking, taking photos, and getting samples of animals adds their information to the guide as you progress on this role.

As you progress through the role, you’re going to get access to a wide range of new items, skills, and even gameplay opportunities. This includes, among others, focusing on breeds of horses, bespoke clothing and accessories, and new Tonics and Tonic Recipes. There are even personal Weight Loss and Weight Gain Tonics. Animal Revivers and other special Tonics that can mitigate weather effects or increase your ability to sneak up on potential animal subjects are also included.

Some of the new skills you can learn under this Role include Mercy Kills and being able to pitch Wilderness Camps. If you decide to work with Harriet, you can even stop animal poachers by raiding their encampments and freeing caged animals.

Meet Legendary Animals

As already mentioned, you’re going to meet Legendary Animals as you progress through the Naturalist role. These animals can be discovered not only in Free Roam, but also in Animal Sighting assignments given by Harriet. You’ll also receive a Legendary Animal Map as a guide. With this you should be able to figure out the native habitats of the creatures and then use the information in the Animal Field Guide to locate each one. Then you can decide to get some samples and give them to Harriet to earn rewards or poach them and let Gus turn their hides into interesting apparel.

New creatures in the wild.
New creatures in the wild. Rockstar Games

Some of the creature you get to meet include Legendary Cougars, Foxes, Boars, Beavers, Wolves, Bison, and Elk. Over the next couple of weeks expect to meet even more Legendary Animals.

Some interesting stuff

Of course, you won’t be working through the Naturalist role empty handed. The Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue is offering a new Advanced Camera which allows for increased mobility and comes with an improved suite of camera features which include a set of filters. If you want to be more of a hunter there are new weapons like the Improved Bow, which you can customize, and for big game, the Elephant Rifle.

This being a new role, be prepared for two animal-based Free Roam Events, which are:

  • Legendary Animal Protection
    • Work to defend a Legendary Animal from poachers as it migrates across the frontier.
    • Be careful not to get too close or it may see you as a potential threat.
  • Wild Animal Tagging
    • Team up with other players and sedate and tag animals from certain species in order to obtain samples while dealing with potential poachers.
    • Get the chance to discover a bonus Legendary Animal.

New Outlaw Pass

We’re not through with this new update just yet. The Wheeler Rawson & Co. Club and The Outlaw Pass return to offer a wide range of special new items for everyone to unlock. Don’t worry since membership is automatic and free, and as you go through the Club Ranks, you get to unlock perks.

New rewards.
New rewards. Rockstar Games

There’s even more perks when you upgrade to The Outlaw Pass No. 3. You get as many as 40 Gold Bars plus an assortment of Offers and Rewards like Camp Upgrades, Weapon modifications, and access to unique outfits. There are 80 Ranks in the Outlaw Pass No. 3, and you have until October 9 to get through all of them.

The Usual, Please

This is indeed a massive update and there’s the usual changes and updates this week as well. When you travel in Free Roam, you get to meet different sorts of new folk. There are other hunters tracking prey that may even request help from you. Don’t forget to keep a lookout for crashed wagons on the roads and pathways as they may have some valuables, or in some cases, someone looking for help.

With the addition of the Naturalist, there’s going to be the usual general Daily Challenges and even Specialist Role themed challenges. There are also new Awards and a collection of new clothing, Hairstyles, hair accessories, and emotes. You even get the ability to store cooked meats in the Item Wheel.

What camp fire stories do you have?
What camp fire stories do you have? Rockstar Games

There’s also the usual double rewards and payouts. Starting today and until August 3, all Naturalists earn 2X payouts on Tier 3 Legendary Animal Samples and Whole Carcass Sales. In addition, over the next four week, players who complete different Naturalist objectives get these added benefits:

  • Become a Naturalist and get a Reward for a free Role Accessory, Outfit, or Emote.
  • Sedate and sample any animal and get the Gila Monster Camp Flag.
  • Complete a Legendary Animal Sighting Mission and get a Reward for a unique colorway of the Farnholme Double Bandolier.
  • Pitch a Wilderness Camp and get a Reward for a Treasure Map.

Meanwhile, bonus offers and rewards available to players this week are:

  • Offer for 30% off any Novice or Promising Item in the Naturalist Role
  • Reward for 2,000 Naturalist XP
  • Reward for Free Sedative Varmint Cartridges
  • Reward for a Free Legendary Animal Pheromone
  • Offer for 30% off a Revolver
  • Reward for a Free Ability Card

Membership Benefits

Twitch Prime members can visit the offers & Rewards section in order to claim Rewards for the Legendary Katata Elk Animal Coat plus a trio of new Naturalist Rewards. Additional bonuses include:

  • 5 Free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • Free Wilderness Camp
  • Offer for 50% off a Camp Dog
  • Offer for 50% off a Tent
  • Offer for 50% off a Vest below Rank 15
  • 10x Special Health Cures
  • 10x Special Snake Oil
  • 10x Special Miracle Tonic
  • 10x Special Bitters
Be prepared for anything.
Be prepared for anything. Rockstar Games

There are also PlayStation 4 Early Access Benefits which are:

  • Free Gifts:
    • 10x Sedative Varmint Cartridges
    • 5x Animal Revivers
    • 5x Blending Tonics
  • Early Access Bonuses:
    • Woodcote Poncho
    • The Legendary Gabbro Horn Ram
    • Legendary Chalk Horn Ram
    • Legendary Rutile Horn Ram
    • Three Fossil Collection sets

Rockstar promised to have more content in the weeks ahead. However, for this patch, there’s more than 250 fixes, balance adjustments, and general improvements to the game. You can read the complete patch notes here.

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