Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Daily Challenges Hand Out Special Rewards

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A challenge a day...
A challenge a day... Rockstar Games

This week in Red Dead Online is all about Daily Challenges. These challenges already hand out rewards on their own. However, finishing a certain number is going to give players special rewards. Completing three Daily Challenges, for example, gives you 10 Poison Arrows. Meanwhile, if you manage to complete six Daily Challenges, you get four Collectible Coins. Finally, those who manage to complete 10 Daily Challenges get to receive a Treasure Map. All of these rewards are going to be delivered to the player’s Camp Lockbox or at the Post Office within 48 hours of completing the challenges.

This week is also a good time to visit Madam Nazar as everything in her travelling marketplace is available at 30% off. This includes the hand Pennington Field Shovel all the way to the Aguila Machete. That’s not all as players who want to be collectors and start their treasure-seeking career can get the Collector’s Bag for only 10 Gold Bars.

There’s also the usual discounts being offered. For this week, those who want to live in the wild, but still want to enjoy some home comforts, can upgrade their amenities and also spruce up their surroundings. All of these items are available at a 40% discount:

  • Camp Dogs
  • Tents
  • Camp Themes
  • Camp Flags
  • Fast Travel

Also available today until June 22 are Tier 3 Ability Card Upgrades offered at 50% off. This should give those who want to master their trade a little room to breathe. Players who want to test their skills in a gunfight should be glad to know that they won’t have trouble in getting the needed firepower. For the entire week, all Pistols are available at a 35% discount. These include the Mauser, Semi-Automatic, and even Volcanic.

Of course, this week’s update won’t be complete without the usual Twitch Prime rewards. For this week those who link their Rockstar account and Twitch account receive the Collector’s Bag along with the Polished Copper Moonshine Still. There’s also a reward that credits these players with five Moonshiner Role Ranks.

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