Red Dead Online Update: It's All About The Showdown Mode

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Showdown Modes are here.
Showdown Modes are here. Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online released an update this week which may not be as large as what many players were hoping for. There are updates to the Showdown Mode and that's about it.

The different Showdown Modes revealed in this update are:

  • Overrun
    • Maps:
      • The Manor
      • Sisika
    • Overview:
      • In this mode, teams need to capture territories while defending their lands from those who try to attack. The team with the most land at the end of the game wins.
  • Spoils of War
    • Maps:
      • Fort Mercer
      • Orchard
    • Overview:
      • This is pretty much like Capture-the-Flag mode with the difference being the flag is a bag that's full of gold and cash.
  • Plunder
    • Maps:
      • Saint Denis
      • Saint Denis Plantation
    • Overview:
      • For this mode, resources in the frontier are becoming scarce so players need to form a team and capture supplies placed on a central location. They then need to bring the supplies back to their base.
      • It's also possible to steal from the base of the opponents, but this result in the player becoming visible to everyone.
  • Up in Smoke
    • Maps:
      • Blackwater
      • Lanik Electrical
    • Overview:
      • This mode requires a team to destroy their opponent's camp. Players begin with an explosive package and need to place it on part of the enemy camp and detonate it successfully.
      • The team that manages to be the first to deliver all the packages and manages to burn the enemy base to the ground is declared the winner.

Red Dead Online announced that there are going to be more variations coming to the Showdown Mode as well. These include:

  • Last Stand
    • Maps:
      • Annesburg Mine
      • Armadillo
      • Cemetery
    • Overview:
      • This is a variation of the popular free-for-all Showdown Mode.
      • Players begin with empty pockets but then spawn next to a random weapon.
      • To win they need to be the last fighter standing.
      • There's only one life so be sure to come up with a good strategy.
  • Name Your Weapons
    • Maps:
      • Fort Mercer
      • Heartlands Oil Field
      • Tall Trees
    • Overview:
      • This unique mode gives players higher points for kills committed with more skillful weapons.
      • Players also get an explosive upgrade along with all new loadouts which feature some of the most volatile firearms like the Volcanic Pistol and the dependable trusty Dynamite sticks.

If you're wondering why this week's udpate is a little lean, Rockstar Games revealed in on its official Twitter account that this is a result of the work from home policies implemented due to the COVID-19 issue. This action was not done on impulse but were made after both research and consultation. In that same tweet, Rockstar said that they "are confident we have a robust system in place for our teams to continue their work with a minimum of disruption."

According to known Rockstar Games leaker TezFunz, other updates for Red Dead Online this week include the following:

  • 50% Role XP on all Trader Resupply, Trader Sell & Trader Free Roam Events
  • Double XP on all A Land of Opportunities Missions, Free Roam Missions and Events
  • Previously featured limited-time clothing returning for the next two weeks, listed in the image from the tweet above

On their official website, Rockstar went on to say that they "will be maintaining our regularly weekly programming schedule, but stay tuned for more events and activities inside GTA Online and Red Dead Online to help keep things fresh and fun for our community."

Hopefully we get more updates in the coming weeks as the team members start to find their groove.

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