Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Time For Collectors To Shine

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Time to go treasure hunting.
Time to go treasure hunting. Rockstar Games

For quite some time Red Dead Online has put an emphasis on Bounty Hunters. Well, this week is shaking things up, as all eyes are on the Collectors. Combing the landscape in order to look for hidden treasures, players that choose to be a collector this week get a 5 Gold Bar discount on the Collector's Bag. For players that linked their Rockstar Games Social Media account to their Twitch Prime account, the Collector’s Bag is available for free.

Excited yet? Well you should be, since there's still more. For this week, regardless of experience level, all Collectors get a 100% Role XP boost when they discover any of the heirlooms and different valuables that have been scattered all across the five states. Those who manage to turn in the Gold Panners Dream Weekly Collection also receive double the Role XP. This is the same reward for those who take any full collections to Madam Nazar.

Speaking of Madam Nazar, her shop has a wide range of tools for Collectors that are available at a discount. The items below are available at 30% off the original price:

  • Pennington Field Shovel
    • This item has been specially designed for archaelogical digs and helps unearth treasures buried under disturbed earth mounds.
  • Metal Detector
    • A tool any Collector should have as it can identify collectibles that have been buried underground.
  • Refined Binoculars
    • With this specialized binoculars, dig sites will glow from a great distance.

There is also the Collector's Map, which helps any Collector look for hidden valuables. These are all available at Madam Nazar's Shop.

If you're not on the Collector track, don't worry as those who play Red Dead Online this week automatically earn 5 Ranks worth of Club XP. What's more, this counts towards Outlaw Pass rank progression. This Club XP is going to be available through the Benefits section within 48 hours of playing. Don't take too long, as the offer ends on March 2.

Going back to players who linked their Social Club accounts with their Twitch Prime accounts, rewards include more than just the Collector's Bag. These players also get the Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade that they can use for their Moonshining business. Meanwhile, PlayStation Plus members can receive 3 Mash Refills plus 3 Trader Resupplies.

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