Red Dead Online July Update: It's Good Time to Return to Nature

It's a good time to be a Naturalist. Rockstar Games

For most players, Red Dead Online is all about the shooting and the killing. This July though the focus is on non-lethal sedative ammo since it's all about the Naturalist. Get out and tranquilize some of the local wildlife and then head over to Harriet Davenport who's out triple the usual RDO$ and XP for Sample Sales this month.

That's not all! In addition to the boosted payouts, sampling species and selling them to Miss Davenport to complete a Sample Sale also lets players get these rewards:

  • July 2 to July 8: A white pair of Strickland Boots
  • July 9 to July 15: An Offer for 50% off a Camp Tent
  • July 16 to July 22: An Offer for 50% off the Deluxe Campfire
  • July 23 to July 29: A white pair of Carver Pants

Those who want to walk on the wild side and take part in Protect Legendary Animal get to earn Triple Rewards. Tripe Rewards also offered for Wild Animal Tagging and Wildlife Photographer Free Roam Events.

Meanwhile, those who join in any Free Roam Event can also earn 3X Ability Card XP throughout July.

Featured Series

The competition is stiff in this month's Featured Series. However, the rewards are doubled until July 29 so hopefully that should be enough motivation. The activities are:

  • July 2 to July 8: Hardcore Most Wanted
  • July 9 to July 15: Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War
  • July 16 to July 22: Hardcore Overrun
  • July 23 to July 29: Team Gun Rush

Community-Inspired Outfit

Good news for players looking for their latest outfit. None other than YouTuber JillyBeany has come up with outfits for female specialists and role-players. This includes the Pathfinder, which is the perfect outdoors outfit for any adventurous Naturalists. Get these pieces for free from participating Tailors or by ordering through the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue:

  • Feathered Flop Hat
  • Farling Jacket
  • Collar Overshirt (Male), Western Shirtwaist (Female)
  • Mitehill Pants
  • Weathered Half Chaps
  • Worn Ropers Boots

What do you think? Excited for what this month has to offer?

Red Dead Online was released in 2019 and was originally an online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. In December 2020, a standalone client for the game was released. It is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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