Red Dead Online June Update: Test Your Equestrian Skills and Join the Races to Earn 4X Rewards

Test your racing skill. Rockstar Games

This June in Red Dead Online is all about testing the bond between outlaws and their horse. It doesn't hurt to strengthen one's skills and what better way to do it than with Races. It's also an excellent way to earn a nice profit and climb the ranks easily since it's handing out 4X RDO$ and XP.

Those who can place Top 3 in any of the Races get to receive these rewards:

  • June 4 to June 10: Black Plaid Cap
  • June 11 to June 17: An Offer for 40% off a Stable Slot
  • June 18 to June 24: Red Salter Shoes
  • June 25 to June July 1: Offer for 50% off a Vest

Extra Rewards

You'll also be happy to know that Featured Series are paying out double RDO$ and XP. These are:

  • June 4 to June 10: Race Series
  • June 11 to June 17: Hardcore Showdown Series
  • June 18 to June 24: Target Races and Plunder
  • June 25 to June July 1: Hardcore Elimination Series

Double Rewards

If racing isn't your thing, not to worry since there's still a lot to do this month. For example you can help Jessica LeClerk and Horley get justice against those who killed Mrs. LeClerk's husband. You'll not only get a feeling of goodness for helping but also get bonus rewards. That's because A Land of Opportunities is awarding 2X Gold, RDO$, and XP, throughout the month.

Call to Arms is also giving out 2X RDO$ and XP. All you need to do is defeat waves of incoming enemies. You can face it alone or team up with allies. To get started simply visit the Lockbox, the nearest Post Office, or simply open the Telegram that's in the Satchel.

More Rewards

More rewards are being handed out this month. Those who log in and play anytime before July 1 get to obtain:

  • Oregano Mutton
  • Hawkmoth Bola
  • 2 Potent Snake Oils

Meanwhile, those who can Craft a Trinket in Gus' Shop get to receive the North Clingman Treasure Map. Those who can Rank up 5 times this month can get their hands on the brown Cardozo Vest.

Excited yet for what's happening this month?

Red Dead Online was released in 2019 and was originally an online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. In December 2020, a standalone client for the game was released. It is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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