Red Dead Online Adds New Legendary Animals In Latest Update

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One can never get enough of strolling through the beautifully crafted landscapes of Red Dead Redemption 2, exploring new places, and camping by a river. A recent update for RDR2 has challenged players to assume the role of a Naturalist and continue the battle between Harriet and Gus. While players are busy doing that, Rockstar Games announced on Twitter that it is adding new Legendary predatory animals to the game.

Players can now find the Legendary Red Streak in the deserts of New Austin and the Midnight Paw Coyote that is stalking the lush mountains of West Elizabeth.

Red Streaks can be found in Pike's Basin, a location from the original Red Dead Redemption. Midnight Paws are waiting for hunters in the southeastern region of Strawberry, a town where players killed a lot of lawmen while rescuing Micah Bell in the single-player campaign. These animals are part of the Red Dead Online's Naturalist Update, which adds more player vs environment elements.

Hunting down these coyotes and bringing their pelts to Gus will allow you to craft the Red Streak and Midnight Paw coats. Crafting these coats before August 18 will also reward you with a free coat choice. Players also have the option of studying these legendary animals and bringing their samples to Harriet, who rewards you with XP and money.

The new update can be exciting to some folks who love to assume the hunter role, but for others, it's just an underwhelming content update. Players haven't been that happy with the Naturalist content update that launched in late July.

If you're not interested in taking on the wildlife contracts, Red Dead Online is also getting a Halloween spooktacular update arriving later this year. Even though the update is a few months away from release, images for the Halloween Pass have been leaked online. These images give us a look at some amazing costumes and weapon skins.

Red Dead Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC.

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