Ready or Not: Vastly Improved AI Arrived with Latest Update

Ready or Not
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The developers of first-person shooter Ready or Not deployed the largest Supporter Edition update yet. This massive patch brings a wealth of new things, including a vastly improved AI and new weapons.

Suspects and civilians in Ready or Not will now use whatever objects they can find to take cover. Civilians might get under beds to hide from the suspects. Conversely, suspects may hide behind walls and peek to check for threats.

On top of that, suspects in melee mode are now more cautious than ever. They will either stun the enemy or run for cover depending on the current situation.

New weapons are available in this update as well, such as the B1301 HRT Entryman Shotgun, MP5A3/MP510mm, and MP9, among many others.

Keep in mind that the changes in this update are only available to those who have purchased the Supporter Edition. Do not worry, the developers promised to release the content of this patch to the public branch once the issues are ironed out.


  • New Vehicles
    • Cars can now be interacted with in many ways: side mirrors can be shot off, glass can be broken and shot through, airbags can be deployed and tires can be shot out, lowering the car slightly
    • Vehicles are safest behind the wheels of the car and the engine block
    • Multiple new vehicle types have been added, such as:
    • Debanco Truck
    • LSPD Cruisers (two variations)
    • LS Private Ambulance
    • Various sedans, trucks, and vans
  • Restrain dead/ragdoll AI
    • After reporting, players can restrain dead or faking AI that is in a downed state
    • Blood splatter when explosive vest explodes + improved particle effects
  • Armor (SAPI) Plates
    • Small Arms Protective Insert plates stop rounds from killing the player and are broken into three different types: Kevlar, Ceramic, and Steel. These increase in protective ability, respectively, but also in weight
    • Armor plates will affect your acceleration and deceleration speed. Your top speed will always be the same as other players, but you will not be as maneuverable
  • Cars now use a car paint shader which simulates accurate reflections on vehicles. This has been applied to most vehicles in the gameplay environment
  • Bullet impact decals now spawn on glass. Reinforced glass will show a small impact point, and window panes will also reflect this change.
  • Injured movement animation set for AI. Suspects and civilians when injured below a certain level of health will begin to limp away
  • Tactical movement animations added to relevant AI. This is visible on Valley, Penthouse, and Farm, to name a few

The full patch notes for Ready or Not’s latest update can be found on Steam.

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