Ready or Not March Content Update Brings New Weapons, Better Audio, and More

Ready or Not
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Ready or Not, the PvE game by VOID Interactive, received a major update today. The update brings new content, map changes, superior audio, and of course, a ton of bug fixes. Two new weapons are added as well, namely, M32A1 Launcher (Flashbang Rounds) and M320 Launchers (Flashbang, Stinger, and Gas).

Suspects and Civilians in certain levels and scenarios will now wear Bomb Vests. NVG Phosphor display can be changed to green or white color. Several optimizations for HUD and Team View were made as well. Thanks to the update, players won’t be able to join co-op games that are already in progress.

The developer also wants to make the game more immersive, that’s why from now on, every NPC will have death screams.

We have mentioned a portion of the patch notes below.

  • Fix for pepperball projectiles hanging in the air when firing at the sky
  • Fixed shotgun ammo inaccurate counting
  • Greatly improved player physics interaction against physics props
  • Physics props no longer affect player movement
  • Fixed shotgun ammo UI display
  • Swan no longer repeats certain lines
  • Removed duplicate death sound from GenericSuspectMale voice batch
  • Foley sounds for various SWAT and NPC actions
  • Knife attack audio
  • SWAT Breaching
  • Compliant and fake surrenders
  • Universal rifle draw/holster sounds
  • Gunshot stereo width is no longer as thin as Zack’s hair
  • Volume balance across tons of sounds
  • Python snubnose gunshot now slightly different than non-snub gunshot
  • Surface impacts now more pronounced in the overall mix
  • Tweaks to certain step foliage sounds
  • SWAT footstep gear foley sound now plays slightly more often
  • First-person dirt footstep sound sounds more like dirt now
  • Metal impacts now use shared metal impact sound for better audibility/consistency
  • Fixed instances of incorrect impact sound being applied to various surfaces
  • Fixed tons of instances where doors would incorrectly sound occluded on various maps and modes
  • Fixed certain step sounds not firing for all characters
  • Optimized many events so they don’t continue playing even after stopping
  • Fixed instances of SWAT steps being waaaaay too quiet
  • Fixed instances where pre-game music wouldn’t play
  • Optimized certain gunshot tail layers
  • Optimized bash sound
  • Optimized first-person footstep sounds
  • Increased sound size for all weapon foley to mitigate left/right channel switching if sound fires while the player is moving the mouse

You can read the complete patch notes on Steam.

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