Ready or Not March 9 Hotfix Brings Bug Fixes for Last Month’s Update

Ready or Not
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Ready or Not received a hotfix today. The patch is mostly focused on fixing bugs that were unfortunately added via last month’s update.

From now on, players will be able to cant their weapon using the "O" keybind or whatever their custom keybind is. Fast Reload magazines will not maintain velocity from the animation and Knife damage will be applied to AI as well.

You can read about the rest of the changes below:

  • Revoke penalties if AI tries to threaten someone again (by fake surrendering, for example)
  • Fixed an issue where a suspect drawing a weapon would be considered unjustified when force was used
  • Updated SWAT engagement rules
  • Fixed an issue where fake surrender exits would not count as an authorized use of force
  • Fixed an issue where fake surrenders with a knife would not count as an authorized use of force
  • Shortened required yell reaction time before authorizing use of force
  • Made surrender checks more lenient in the case where accidental shots were fire as soon as an AI surrenders
  • If a suspect is hesitating or fleeing with a weapon, even after hearing a yell, force is authorized
  • Civilians again avoid traps
  • 'Bring Order to Chaos' is only complete if all suspects are arrested or dead. Excludes civilians.
  • Added civilian response to yelling outside of the line of sight(with a cooldown).
  • Any weapon can now be canted (Default: O)
  • Pepper spray now reduces morale
  • Lowest chunks of destroyable doors now ignore pawn collision (may resolve AI getting stuck inside doors)
  • Detonator now appears in tactical device slot once all C2 has been used/placed
  • Fixed an issue where clients could not see the item scroll menu due to inventory not being replicated at the start
  • Fixed bleed audio playing on death
  • Fixed new fake surrender exits not aborting when stunned
  • Fixed camera being stuck in mirror gun when dying while mirroring in full screen
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed AI not always having correct health on start
  • Fix for ragdolls repeatedly playing collision sounds
  • Fix for ragdolls never sleeping
  • Fixed suspects being able to fake surrender multiple times

You can read the complete patch notes on Steam.

So what do you think? Are you interested in Ready or Not? Are there any other issues that you want the developer to address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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