Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 And Year 6 Roadmap Revealed

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Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege ENGADGET

For the first time in Rainbow Six Siege history, developers have revealed the roadmap for two years ahead. During the Six Invitational 2020, Ubisoft showed us what will be coming in the game, what major features will be added, and much more. Let’s discuss the Roadmap for Year 5 and Year 6 in detail.

Year 5

Year 5

Void Edge, Season 1 of Year 5 will bring two brand-new operators. The attacker is a Dutch operator named Iana. She has a holographic clone of herself which she can use to fool the defenders. The defender will be Jordanian operator Oryx. He is in peak physical condition and can smash through wooden barricades and soft walls. He can also throw enemy players to the ground. You can learn more about these operators in our previous article over here.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege UBISOFT

Season 2 will also bring two new operators, one from Norway and the other from South Africa. From Season 3 onwards, Siege will only receive one operator per season. The Season 3 Operator is marked as Classified, so maybe Ubisoft has some surprises waiting for us there. And finally, Season 4 will bring a Thailand Operator. More details about these operators will be revealed in the coming months.

Ubisoft's decision to add only one operator per season is because the game already has over 50 operators and they want each addition to have a greater impact. Developers still aim to release 100 operators. A few older operators are also getting a rework, and the latest one is none other than Lord Tachanka. Meanwhile, a Clash rework will come later in the year, and developers are looking into Amaru as well. Learn more about it over here.

Because Season 3 and Season 4 will receive only one operator, developers have also decided to make core gameplay changes in these seasons. These include a better ping system, more secondary gadgets, and a replay system. To know more about these changes, be sure to check out our previous article.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege GAMEDEBATE

In the Maps department, Ubisoft has announced that we will not get a new map this year. Siege's developers aim to make older maps more competitive, and that’s why they will release reworks of previous maps. The first map to get a rework is Oregon. The map is changed drastically especially in the basement area. In Season 2, we will get a rework of the casual map House. The rework won’t be drastic and the reworked map will stay in casual only. Skyscraper and Chalet will be reworked in Season 3 and 4 respectively.

That’s not all, though. Just like last year, we will also get a big Event every season, however Ubisoft also announced that smaller events called Arcade Mode will also come. These small events will be available for a limited time and will only tweak a few things in gameplay mechanics. The first Arcade Mode will be Golden Gun mode, which is inspired by the classic game GoldenEye 007. In Season 1, we will only have one Arcade Mode, however developers aim to release multiple modes in the future.

With each season, Ubisoft will introduce a Battle Pass that will reward players with cosmetics items when they play the game. The Battle Pass will have a free version and a premium version, the latter of which will offer better content. No gameplay advantages will be given to Battle Pass owners, and it will be similar to the one introduced in Year 4 Season 4.

Year 6

Year 6

To everyone's surprise, Ubisoft also announced its Roadmap for Siege Year 6. Not much is known about it, but here are the few details that we do have.

We will get one new operator each season, so bringing a total of four operators in Year 6. We will also get four maps. It was not revealed whether they will be reworked maps or new ones. Given the history, we will guess it’s the former. The sixth year will bring more core gameplay changes with a separate Battle Pass each season. Exact details about these changes and Battle Pass have not been revealed just yet. Each Season in Year 6 will bring a Season Event and multiple Arcade modes.

There you have it, all the major changes coming in Year 5 and 6. So what do you think? Are you excited about Year 5 and 6? Which change do you want to see the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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