Rainbow Six Siege Arcade Events Announced, First Up Is Golden Gun Mode

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Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege UBISOFT

Every season in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft likes to mix things up by adding an Event. Previous events like Rainbow is Magic, Showdown, and Road To Six Invitational were successful because the players could free their minds and just chill after a tough ranked session. These events are only playable for a few weeks so that they don’t overstay their welcome. Ubisoft confirmed that several new events will be added in Rainbow Six Siege throughout Year 5.

That’s not all, though. Along with massive seasonal events, we will also receive something called Arcade mode. This mode does not offer a new map, but will tweak a few gameplay mechanics in the game. Siege art director Alex Karpazis said these arcade modes are “super short events” that are smaller in scope than seasonal events. While there will be only one arcade mode in upcoming season Void Edge, in the future developers aim to release multiple per season.

The first arcade mode is called Golden Gun mode, which will drop sometime during the new Void Edge season. The event is inspired by a classic versus mode in 1997’s GoldenEye 007. The new mode is simple: all players will have access to only one gun, namely the D-50 Deagle. Their mission will be to kill the enemy team or complete the objective. But wait, there is a twist. Every shot from D-50 will be a one-hit kill and there is only one bullet in each magazine. This means that after every shot, you will have to reload the weapon. Players are going to have to be careful with their aim. You can’t just go all spray-and-pray. There is also a new animation for the Deagle along with a golden skin.

So what do you think? Are you interested in Arcade mode? Or do you prefer the bigger seasonal events? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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