Rainbow Six Siege Core Gameplay Reworks, Additional Secondary Gadgets Are Coming

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Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege IGN

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 will be bringing several welcomed additions to the game, from over six new operators to four reworked maps. But it’s not all about just new content, as Ubisoft has also vowed to make the game more user-friendly. Hence, multiple core-gameplay mechanics will also be changed and more features will be added as the year goes by. To read more about Year 5 roadmap, click here.

For now, let’s dive right into the details.

Ping 2.0
Ping 2.0 DEXERTO

Ping 2.0

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a new ping system. The current one is quite basic, but after the change you can expect it to be much more dynamic. It is called Ping 2.0, which is inspired by the Apex Legend ping system. Players will be able to ping individual enemy gadgets in the game and that information will be relayed to the entire team. So, if you don’t have a microphone or prefer not to talk, then you can utilize the new ping system to tell your teammates about Frost’s Welcome Mat or Bandit Batteries.

“It will give you more impact as an attacker during the preparation phase because you are able to pinpoint the position and the nature of gadgets and share it with your teammates,” Jean-Baptiste Hallé, lead game designer for Rainbow Six Siege, said according to IGN.

Additional Secondary Gadget

Several attackers will get access to a new secondary gadget which will be used for hard breaching. Developers have confirmed that it will not be as efficient as Thermite, Hibana, or Maverick, but they will still be important for several other sites. The new gadget will be a better choice if the entire attack strat depends upon opening one hatch, so now you won’t have to take a hard breacher just for one singular hatch. This new gadget will surely make the attack team roster much more dynamic.

New Gadgets
New Gadgets UBISOFT

Defenders will get access to a secondary gadget called Proximity Alarm. In the picture above, we can see Smoke using these new secondary gadgets, it seems like they can track an attacker movement when they cross its radius. Proximity Alarm will cover a particular area like Wamai Gadget does. This new gadget can act as a substitute for Ela’s Grzmot Mines and Lesion’s Gu mine.

Map Bans

Map Bans

Players will finally be able to decide which map they want to play on. After we got operator bans, fans have been asking for map bans for a while now. When a match starts, the game will offer you a total of three maps to choose from. All the players will be able to vote and two maps with the most amounts of votes will be banned and the third one will be chosen. You can also vote on “No Ban”, and then the map will be selected randomly.

Looks like I won’t be playing Villa for a while. (*sigh of relief*)

Match Replay
Match Replay UBISOFT

Match Replay

This is one of the biggest new features I am hyped for. Rainbow Six Siege will finally get match replays. If you are confused, it’s similar to Theater Mode from Call of Duty. Players will now be able to record their matches and watch them later. That’s not even the best part, as you will be able to watch your match from the perspective of all the players, even the enemy team. A top-down perspective is also available, like the one we see in Rainbow Six Spectator Mode in Custom Games. So from now on if you want to know “how was that not a headshot”, now you can find out.

It will also make hackers think twice before they cheat because now all of their gameplay will be recorded and anyone in the match can see it and report them. You can also be cheeky and learn enemy strats that you liked. This new feature is a godsend to several YouTubers and content creators.

Player Reputation
Player Reputation UBISOFT

Player Reputation System

Ubisoft is working on something called a “Reputation System”. “It’s a system we’ve seen used by our competitors and it gives good results when it’s well done,” Hallé said. “We know it’s going to be a tough one, but we think in the long run it will help fight against problematic behavior and encourage the positivity we want to see in our community.” Developers are still trying to decide how to implement it, but it will be based on the idea that if you have a bad score then certain modes will not be available for you. This feature will help to reduce toxicity and force positive behavior.

So what do you think? Are you interested in these core gameplay reworks? Which additional feature do you want in the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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