Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tachanka And Clash Getting Reworked

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The worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege, Tachanka, is finally getting a rework after four long years. Ever since the game launched, Tachanka was considered so bad that he became an iconic meme known to the Siege community as “The Lord”.

From now on, Tachanka's iconic dialogue “LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED” will not be accurate anymore. His LMG is now detached from its stand and will become a primary weapon. The gun offers quite a punch and can be sprayed to deny an entire hallway. You can also make rotations and do tons of soft destruction with his LMG. A glass shield that covers his head will be removed because of balancing issues.

That’s not all, as Tachanka will also get a new gadget: a flame grenade launcher, Yep, you read that right. As his previous gadget become a primary weapon, it was obvious that he needed a new gadget. The grenade launcher throws small fireballs that will cover small areas in fire, hence, essentially becoming a denial operator. The newly added gadget will be “spammier,” which means that it will carry a lot of ammo.

“Right now if you play him right, learn the angles, and know the best places to set on fire, you can deny a pretty big amount of space for a pretty long time,” lead game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle said at the Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational 2020. It seems like after the rework, Tachanka can actually be a valid operator rather than a walking meme. If used correctly, he will become a solid replacement for Goyo and Smoke. Halle said that Tachanka will be “really fun to play with, but hard to master”. We do not know when the Tachanka rework will drop, but it will be in Year 5. I know that I am going to use his LMG to spawn peak poor souls from Piano Window of Kafe Dostoyevsky.

The Lord is not the only operator that will get a rework. Game director Leroy Athanassoff told PC Gamer at the Six Invitational 2020 that another operator will go through much-needed changes, namely Clash, the only shield operator in the game from the defense side.

Clash EXP

“Clash is problematic, she is one of the top candidates to be reworked because we have issues with shields right now in the game. They are super frustrating”. Athanassoff told PC Gamer. “A lot of people complain about playing against Clash, but even playing as Clash is not super interesting, she’s a really good candidate for a rework.”

Every Siege players know that Clash is a pain to play against. Unlike Montagne, Clash just doesn’t stand there, she also zaps enemy players which drastically slows their movement speed, making them an easy target for other players on the team. Her every zap also deals Five-tick damage. That might not seem like a lot, but if you have low HP, then it’s practically GGWP.

The one vulnerability Clash has is that if she wants to shoot her gun then she will have to put her shield away, which makes her extremely vulnerable. Players have found a workaround for that. Whenever Clash pulls her gun out, she can turn 180 degrees. Her back will be protected by her shield for that time, and she can then turn back and shoot whenever she is ready. Clash's rework will drop in either Year 5 or Year 6.


Another operator that developers are looking into is Amaru. Her gadget is loud, slow, and using it as intended often gets her killed. Halle explained that in order to keep the game balanced they unfortunately made her too weak. “I think we were a bit too conservative when we released [Amaru]. We were a bit afraid of the whole idea of her getting into a room super fast and killing everyone,” he said. “We definitely feel like there is room to let shine a bit more and punish her a bit less for using her grappling hook.” There is no official date of when an Amaru buff or rework will drop, but developers have assured that they are looking into it.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Tachanka and Clash rework? What other operator do you think needs to be tweaked? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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