Rainbow Six Siege's New Operators Are An Astronaut And A Juggernaut

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Lana and Oryx
Lana and Oryx Ubisoft Official

There are two new additions to Rainbow Six Siege's operator lineup. These two characters are an astronaut and a juggernaut, and the hype is real. Ubisoft announced that the next season for Rainbow Six Siege is called Operation Void Edge, and it will add two more characters to the roster: Iana and Oryx. Very little is known about the changes and additions we can expect when Operation Void Edge is released, but more details will be announced during the finale of this weekend's Six Invitational esports tournament.

Who is Iana?

Iana comes from a family of engineers that used to work at the Air Force, and she is now currently residing in a space station. So, yes, she is the astronaut mentioned above, as well as an attacking operator. Rumors have been going around that Iana's glove is used to control a robotic hand, which replicates movements. Iana will be able to deploy a controllable hologram. No one knows yet what she will use to control the hologram, whether it is her glove or just a regular phone. Iana's loadout is an ARX 200 with an attachable V-Grip, a G36C, and an MK1 9mm.

Who is Oryx?

Oryx is a defender added to the roster and is Kaid's second-in-command at the Fortress. His special ability is that he will be able to breach soft walls using only his body, and can also smash himself onto hatches on defense. Oryx isn't very subtle, which is probably why Ubisoft designed him as muscular and well-built. His loadout consists of an MP5, a SPAS-12, a Bailiff 410, and a USP40. There is not much information given about Oryx, as the trailer is only a very short teaser for the upcoming season.

Compared side by side, aside from the fact that one is a defender and the other one is an attacker, it is pretty much obvious that both newly added operators are totally opposite from each other. While Iana is the brains and Oryx is the brawn, you can not underestimate either of them.

There will also be some changes to operators, such as Finka’s health boost getting modified. Fuze will also be able to penetrate reinforced walls, which are being tested out for balancing issues.

Expect more news about Iana, Oryx, and the rest of Operation Void Edge during the Six Invitational.

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