Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.1 Update Brings More Bugs

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Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege UBISOFT

Yesterday, Ubisoft released two new updates for Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.1 which bought in even more bugs than before. Pre-update, the game had issues with barricades where people couldn’t walk through them or doors would be opened server-sided for a single person.

With the ongoing pandemic, the number of hackers and closet cheaters in the game has risen a huge amount to a point where the game is almost unplayable and you can’t have fun with everyone hacking in the higher ranks.

The worst part of the update that came out yesterday was the Consulate game light bug. The entire map has lighting issues where the map can be extremely dark for everyone playing it. The maintenance was scheduled at a terrible time as well. These bugs carried over towards the Pro League matches, which affected them a lot.

One of the pro players from LATAM, MIBR cameram4n, tweeted about the new Consulate lighting and many other pro players were super angry about the patch that led to the screenshots below during gameday.

Also, with Theme Park getting moved into the map pool, it made a lot of changes for teams as one of the best maps, Bank, was removed. Theme Park is a very big and defender-favored map, and whichever team picks defense can potentially go up to 6-0 and reduce the enemy's morale.

So, what are your thoughts on the new Rainbow Six Siege Y5S1.1 update? Did you experience any of the bugs yourself? Are you having a bad time playing the game? Personally, I would suggest not playing ranked until the current pandemic is over and maybe just play games for fun instead of getting frustrated over blatant hackers. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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