Rage 2 Patch: Big Content Drop In Update 2; New Roadmap Also Released

New game modes added, plus a number of cheats to make the game more fun.
Rage 2 has received its next big patch with Update 2 - here's everything new with the update.
Rage 2 has received its next big patch with Update 2 - here's everything new with the update. Bethesda

Rage 2 has now been out for more than two months, and in that short amount of time there has been a lot of mixed reception thrown at Avalanche Studios’ open-world shooter owing to a lot of technical and performance issues. Many of these were addressed in the game’s first big patch, Update 1, which landed a month ago – the update targeted a lot of Rage 2’s technical problems, introduced a lot of bug fixes and overall stabilized the game’s performance. It also came with some new features.

Another month has passed, and now it’s time for Rage 2 to get more post-launch content bundled in July’s big Update 2. While Update 1 focused more on the technical side and various fixes, Update 2 introduces new game modes, cheat codes, cosmetics and various other improvements that should please every fan of the wacky first-person action shooter. An updated roadmap was also released, the details of which you can check out below.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything new with the Update 2 for Rage 2. For a more detailed look at the patch, check out the official posting here.

Rage 2 UPDATE 2

New Game+

The first order of business is more replayability, as Avalanche finally added in a New Game+ for players who have already beaten the game multiple times. After finishing the entire Project Dagger storyline and completing all of the Arks, you can now load up into New Game+, carrying over all of your weapons, abilities, upgrades, and vehicles. Revisiting the Arks in this new playthrough will reward you with new skins for your weapons instead. There are also prestige badges gained from doing multiple playthroughs, each one getting increasingly difficult.

Ironman Mode

Prove you’re tough with this new mode that features perma-death; you die, you lose, simple as that.

Ultra Nightmare Difficulty

If you thought the game’s introduced difficulties were a bit too easy and not challenging enough for you, then take a shot with the Ultra Nightmare difficulty to see if it can live up to its name.

Twitch Bounties

Streaming Rage 2 features some more interactivity now, as your viewers’ names will be included in the pool of wanted criminals for you to hunt down.

New Wasteland Wizard Cheats

  • Dash Ragdoll – as the name implies, dashing now turns your body into a living weapon, ragdolling and obliterating enemies within your path.
  • Super Knockback – amplifies your melee strikes so much that your enemies now fly off when hit, turning them into one of those lower villains in your favorite anime.
  • BJ Blazkowicz Voice Pack – put this on and pretend that you’re playing as a parallel universe BJ Blazkowicz.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Pop-up notifications no longer pause the game
  • Camera Deadzone slider adjustment added to controller options
  • Flashlight added for navigating dark areas (hold Focus to activate)
  • You can now skip Aunt Prowley’s dialog in the opening mission
  • Added an option to disable Ark tutorials
  • Tracking projects now shows progress on HUD
  • New options to turn off Damage and Kill notifications on crosshair
  • “You Call That a Wingstick?” and TV Fatal voice packs auto-granted after Bethesda.net account link (previously required buying from Wasteland Wizard)

Bug Fixes

  • ChazCar vehicle no longer misaligns Walker through the chassis when at an angle
  • Fixed an issue where you could not fast travel to Kvasir’s lab when there was an objective marker on the location
  • Fixed an issue where combat music did not play correctly when playing through “The Ranger” mission
  • Fixed an issue where the Prowley hologram subtitles did not match VO dialog in Japanese
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck attempting to access Authority HQ prior to Project Dagger
  • Fixed an issue where bullet decals and blood stopped appearing in the game world after long fights
  • Fixed an issue where the game may freeze while navigating the Phoenix weapon upgrades menu
  • Player is no longer able to drive vehicles into the Ruined Shaft crusher nest
  • Shop vendor VO no longer overlaps with itself
  • Opening storage containers now correctly plays sound effects
  • Breaking wooden barricades no longer leaves floating spikes behind
  • Added two log entries for Bridge of Ned
  • Mutie explosion sound effects no longer play when the player turns off all sounds
  • Prowley’s VO no longer plays twice in the presidio

Rage 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is currently on sale across multiple platforms thanks to Bethesda’s grand QuakeCon Sale.

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