Quake Champions: Fall 2021 Update Introduces New Arcade Mode and Client Options

Quake Champions Fall 2021 Update
Quake Champions Fall 2021 Update Steam

Developer id Software’s Quake Champions has received its Fall 2021 update, which introduces a new arcade mode that will surely be fun for all participants, as well as new client options, including the choice to disable the in-game chat.

New Season 12 Battle Pass Content

Some new weapons and nameplates are up for grabs in this season’s battle pass. There are two new vanity weapons: the Hell-raiser Rocket Launcher and Tormentor Railgun. About 13 new nameplates are also available.

Those who just want to have fun without worrying about weapons and ammo will be excited to try Impulse 9 out. It is a new arcade mode that pays homage to the original Quake console command, where players have unlimited ammo and all-access to every weapon in the game.

As for the client options, you can now disable public in-game chat by heading to Settings > Game > Disable Public In-Game Chat. Turning this option on will prevent any in-game chat messages from displaying in the public match channel. However, it does not disable Party, Team, or Direct Messages, so your buddies can still communicate with you while playing.

Champion Updates

Certain Champions have received some adjustments. Death Knight’s Fireball splash damage will now be affected by distance. It starts out at 25 damage and will go down to 10 at max range. His Fire dot duration has also been reduced to seven seconds.

Doom Slayer has a new ability called the Berserk Lunge-Punch. To prevent this new ability from bugging out, all auto-targeting and camera auto-lock mechanics have been removed. In addition, his double jump velocity has been reduced to 6.875 meters per second.

Nyx has her Ghostwalk Telefrag’s radius increased to 0.75 meters. Lastly, Sorlag’s Acid dot duration has been reduced to seven seconds.

Patch Highlights

  • Updated Play Now artwork
  • Extend post-match delay before forcing clients to the main menu from 25 to 45 seconds
  • Team and Ranked game modes now limit the number of Emergency Respawns a player is permitted from the Esc > Respawn menu
  • Fixed the visible mouse cursor during map loading when raw mouse input is enabled
  • Fixed crouch sliding sound effects from lingering after a Slash or Strogg dies while sliding
  • Updated the Scoreboard graphics and medals positions to improve chat message visibility
  • Removed the broken Watch Browser menu and repositioned main menu icons
  • Fixed Super Nailgun sound effects that could cut out when multiple people continuously fire at full ammo capacity

Quake Champions Fall 2021 update is now available on PC.

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