Puzzle Quest 3 Coming to Consoles April 18

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Good news for console players! Puzzle Quest 3 is launching worldwide April 18 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The game is set in the land of Etheria five centuries after the original Puzzle Quest. Players take a journey to learn more about the meaning behind the dying words of the Red Dragon. Throughout their adventure, players get to experience the new 3D game graphics.

Fans of older titles are sure to recognize the familiar yet updated puzzle board full of colorful gems and skulls and even recognizable characters. There's also a new immersive battle system which allows players to release paralyzing attacks and deadly spells by using the power of gem-crushing. Meanwhile, the enhanced turn-based system makes matches based on the number of action points available.

Puzzle Quest 3 returns to its roots by recalling the deep RPG mechanics along with signature heroic storylines that made the original game a standout hit. This new title offers unique head-to-head battles which pushes boundaries of the genre once more. There’s also the 1-versus-1 battle system realized in a 3D game world.

Ever since the initial launch, several major changes have been introduced. For example, the new action points system brought the legacy of the original Puzzle Quest. Another was the deeper focus on the head-to-head fights.

Other new content introduced in the game includes two new hero classes, a new adventure mode, a larger puzzle board, and multiple seasonal storylines. Other improvements include an economy overhaul, which lowered the resource complexity, and better story chest reward rollout based on community feedback.

Infinity Plus Two CEO and Creative Steve Fawkner revealed in a statement that since launching on mobile platforms and Steam Early Access, they've been getting a lot of feedback and continued support from players. He added that they're excited to expand to console platforms since it extends the experience of the game even further. Fawkner went on to say that they've been hard at work like introducing new features and releasing continuous updates.

Puzzle Quest 3 is available free on Steam Early Access. The game is also downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store. When the console versions go live, special rewards will be available to all players on all platforms.

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