Puzzle Quest 3 Launching Worldwide March 1

Almost here.
Almost here. 505 Games

The wait is almost over with the release date for Puzzle Quest 3. The game is launching worldwide March 1 on Google Play Store and App Store.

This match-three series had its start with Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, released in 2007. What made it stand out from the rest was the addition of role-playing game elements. Since then, different games have been released.

The new game has players go on a journey across Etheria, a fantasy realm filled with enemies to defeat and loyal allies to recruit. Players get to explore mythical dungeons, uncover valuable loot, and unlock epic gear. In terms of storyline, it's set 500 years after the original game.

New Mechanic

This latest addition to the franchise puts a modern spin on the genre by offering a new puzzle combat system. During a fight, players are given a two-second window to make as many matches as they can on the board. Players can accumulate damage and mana for spells depending on how many matches are made then attack the enemy.

New Heroes

When the game launches in March, players can choose from five hero classes. These are Paladin, Berzerker, Shaman, Necromancer, and Assassin. Each one can unleash powerful spells and defeat enemies in puzzle battles.

In a statement, Infinity Plus Two CEO and Creative Lead Steve Fawkner shared that it was almost ten years ago when they introduced Puzzle Quest to gamers. Since then, the franchise remains strong and has millions of players worldwide. He expressed his thrill for the chance to continue the series and mentioned a big roadmap ahead that's sure to excite old and new fans.

If you're a longtime fan or new to the series, you can now pre-register for the game here and unlock free rewards when the game launches. There are also reward milestones to be handed out based on finishing "quests." When each milestone is completed, all players receive greater in-game rewards.

Besides the release on Android and iOS, Puzzle Quest 3 is also arriving on PC through Steam Early Access.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming game?

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