PUBG Mobile Patch Notes: Update 0.14.0 Adds Infection To Zombie Mode

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Zombies vs Defenders. Choose your side.
Zombies vs Defenders. Choose your side. PUBG

PUBG Mobile released the full version of content update 0.14.0, which introduces players to the infection version of the zombie mode. In addition, the update is also adding new themes to the Royale Pass.

Early this year, PUBG Mobile partnered with Resident Evil 2 in order to introduce a zombie mode to the game. In this mode, players get to test how tough they are against hordes of monsters as they need to survive until dawn.

With the update, players are now able to drop into an all-new asymmetric player vs. player zombie infection mode. Players are divided between Zombies and Defenders. Defenders are equipped with weapons and need to destroy the Zombies. Meanwhile, Zombies are only allowed melee weapons though they have special abilities, albeit with cooldowns, in order to take down and infect Defenders. Once all Defenders are infected, the Zombies win.

Aside from the new Infection mode, update 0.14.0 also offers:

  • Sea Treasure Themes – To continue the Summer season of nautical fun, an all-new theme of Sea Treasure graces PUBG Mobile’s main menu and in-game items.
  • Global Treasure Hunt – The treasure-themed update brings with it an unprecedented in-game hunt with million-dollar prize pool. Players can collect gold, silver and bronze compasses to redeem rewards.
  • Royale Pass Season 8 – Previous fan-favorite items have restocked for players to earn and unlock.
  • Daily Mission System Update – All daily in-game challenges unlock upgraded rewards for even more chances to earn rare loot.
  • iOS Background Downloading – iOS players can now keep PUBG Mobile open as a background app while downloading updates.
  • Android Resources Extension Pack – Starting August 14, the Android installation package size has been reduced, and rarely-used in-game equipment can be stored in the Resources Extension Pack until they are needed.

Banned Players

In addition to the new content update, PUBG Mobile also released its latest list of banned players for causing problems by cheating or using unauthorized third-party apps. This latest list contains the names of those caught cheating between August 6 and August 12. Each player on the list is banned for 10 years. The partial list of players can be viewed here.

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