PUBG Mobile And Resident Evil Team Up For Zombie: Survive Till Dawn Mode

PUBG Mobile

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation have officially launched the Zombie: Survive Till Dawn gameplay mode for PUBG Mobile. This mode is a crossover between Resident Evil 2 and the popular mobile Battle Royale game.

This mode havs 60 players using the game structure of traditional PUBG Mobile. The big difference is the addition of a day and night cycle. One 30-minute round features three days and two nights. While playing Zombie: Survive Till Dawn, the zombies become more aggressive as the day turns to night. Players can conduct farming during the day and can kill zombies from long range with good visibility. When dusk comes, players should start preparing to fight as the visibility drops and the zombies become that more dangerous. Once night settles in, the zombies become enraged as visibility drops to its lowest point.

During nighttime, players can expect to encounter iconic characters like G (Stage 1) and even Tyrant, as they spawn randomly in this period. Other zombies from the Resident Evil franchise players can expect to run into include the G1, the Licker, and even Police. Not to be outdone, the PUBG Mobile team also created their own zombies for this gameplay mode.

Players have the chance to win the Leon and Claire skin sets when playing the Zombie: Survive Till Dawn game mode. They can also win the Marvin and Ada in-game costumes.

In a statement, Tencent General Manager of Global Publishing Center Vincent Wang said that when the partnership with Resident Evil 2 was first announced, it created a buzz the fan bases of the two games. He added that the company is proud to launch this new gameplay mode. "The Resident Evil series is iconic among gamers and we anticipate incredible support for this gameplay that pushes players to survive a night of terror," he said in the statement.

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