PUBG Explains Logic Behind Blood Effect Improvement

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The real score on the blood improvements.
The real score on the blood improvements. PUBG

PUBG issued a statement explaining the reason for the changes to the in-game blood effects. For those who have been following the development of PUBG, it was back in December when an update was introduced that improved misting from bullet hits along with environment splatter.

PUBG came out with an explanation to these improvements due to the different sentiments coming from the community.

There were actually four changes in relation to the issue at hand. The first of these was a new particle effect in order to make sure that there was consistency regardless of the color mode settings. This change resulted in the size of the blood splash being the same regardless of what colorblind or rating setting was used. In a statement, the PUBG Animation and Gameplay Unit said that the reason for this "was to create a new effect that would be unified across all graphic settings to make sure that a player’s settings could not provide significant advantage over others."

The second was related to the head shots. The update now offers a unique particle effect in order to be able to identify the hit. Prior to the update, knowing where the hit landed became difficult the further away one was. Since having this information can influence a player's action, the team wanted to ensure that there was "a clear indicator" and added the "beneficial side-effect to this change was a small performance boost by replacing the cloudy effect."

The third was addition to the environment of blood splatters. Saving splatters on the floors and walls where enemies are hit gives added information about what happened in the area. For example, if a door is closed, but there's blood everywhere, that could mean a potential ambush is nearby.

Finally, the update also improved the way wound textures were displayed on characters. The chance for stretching and dislocating the impact positions were minimized, or in some cases, even removed entirely.

When the changes were finally rolled out, the community revealed that one concern was that the blood effect became harder to see than it was before. In particular, the update lowered the size and visibility if the blood effect. Fortunately, a fix was issued last December 23 to improve this. However, the feedback continued to be "that the visibility of blood effect is still not clear compared to the original version."

The team announced that it was continuing to work on improving the visibility of this effect along with improvements to "smooth the effects and adjust the size of the blood splatter to more accurately reflect FOV zoom." Once changes are applied, players should be able to see the hits no matter the distance and zoom level.

Even if the size has been changed, the team said that they're "also working on tweaking other components of the blood effect." Color is also going to be adjusted to make sure that the blood is more visible no matter the light level. Blood particles are also going to spawn faster, letting players know just how many shots they managed to land.

These new updates are going to arrive in February.

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