PUBG: Dev Team Reveals Animation Refresh

Better animation.
Better animation. Krafton

The team at PUBG: Battlegrounds has something up their sleeve that’s sure to make players happy. They have been working on the animation refresh and know they’re giving us a peek into what to expect.

In a post, the PUBG Team shared that they were doing this to ensure that both intensity and tension players feel in each match are reflected in their avatar. Now, changes like this are bound to upset some players, especially longtime ones already familiar with current animations and movements and may not be that open to adapting to new ones.

However, the team assured these kinds of players that the animation refresh did not change the timings. So, the weapon handling should feel the same. Between legacy and refresh versions, the visuals are the only thing different.

The focus seemed to minimize the impact on the gameplay while improving accuracy and adding intensity and weight.

FPP Motion Refresh

For the first-person perspective, changes were done on the weapon animation and sprint locomotion. In the past, the action related to weapon handling or reloading happened off-screen. With the refresh, players can now see some of the previously unseen parts of the action during animation. The movement of characters were changed as well to make it more aggressive.

For sprint locomotion, some parts of the weapon are now more visible even when running. More intensity has been added to the weapon movement as well to make it more satisfying.

TPP Motion Refresh

Before the animation refresh, the movement of characters was stable and consistent. However, it didn’t have that convincing transfer of weight to the speed. That meant there was room to add the needed realistic movement. The change done was to add more weight to the actions of characters and thus, make them more visible when changing speed.

Melee attacks were observed with some jitter and evenly timed. With the refresh, the objective made them more seamless and natural.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android, and iOS.

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