PUBG Seems Tweaking Arena Mode in Labs

Try out a new version.
Try out a new version. PUBG

It’s still the first month of the new year and it looks like a lot of things are happening in PUBG. It appears they’re planning to make some changes for Arena Mode, with the current testing in Labs. PC players can try the changes from January 12 to January 17, while from January 20 to January 24 for console players.

The Arena Mode was first introduced back in September and offered a new way to play the game. You can read about it here .

The PUBG Team said that they received excellent feedback, and one issue got their attention. It referred to the difficulty of a team to make a comeback if they lost a round and all of their items. The team further said that the team’s “chances of winning the overall game sharply dropped with even one loss.” With this second iteration, the dev team hopes that losing a match would be less punishing while at the same time, making it more rewarding for teams that make it through without getting any losses.

One big change with this new version is that it’ll be played entirely in a third-person perspective. This was requested by a lot of players and with this, the team wants to see “what different gameplay patterns it brings out and the different experience it can provide.”

The default pistol, meanwhile, is now going to be the P18C. Initially, it was the P1911 pistol but it seems that players, who equip it, don’t stand a chance against those who purchased weapons.

Other changes that players can expect include:

  • Loadout store improvements:
    • Adjusted the amount of ammo given when purchasing a weapon.
    • Increased helmet price, which is now higher than the vest.
    • Starting from Round Four, weapons purchased from the loadout store include attachments.
    • Players on a winning streak earn bonus rewards accordingly and the teams who don’t lose any chances before the final round are rewarded with an upgraded loadout store which has these items:
      • Care Package items.
      • Special consumables like Adrenaline Syringe and the First Aid Kits.
    • Pistols and shotguns can now be found under the same category.
  • Loadout point balance adjustments:
    • Reduced points earned for a kill from 150 to 100.
    • Reduced end of round points earned (both win/lose).
    • Since squads with fewer players are at a disadvantage, they get to earn more kill points depending on their squad size.
    • Considering player feedback on how hard it is to win the next round after losing your items upon defeat, players now get a small bonus to help them rebuy the gear they need.

Time to head over to the Labs.

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