Propnight: Latest Update Features New Survivor Aisha

New Survivor: Aisha
New Survivor: Aisha Twitter/@playpropnight

The latest update for Propnight is now available to download and it introduces a new survivor named Aisha.

She has the ability to create a clone of herself, which is quite helpful in distracting the killer.

Aisha is available as part of the free update, but you can also support the developers by purchasing the new Propnight Supporter Pack. This DLC is currently being offered at a discounted price of $8.09.

It contains exclusive premium skins for Kate, Taiga, Isaac, Mable, and Jun. In addition, buying the supporter pack will have Sheet-man, Possum, Maddy, Jun, and Aisha fully unlocked, so you can try out the new survivor as soon as you play the game.

Supporter Pack Skins
Supporter Pack Skins Steam

Patch Notes

  • Huge optimization improvements
  • New Killer’s Events
    • Cryosphere: All Survivors that stun the Killer are frozen in place
    • Silence: All Survivors cannot use their abilities and items
    • Hex: All Survivors turn into a chicken prop
  • Abbey: Map balance improvements
  • Audio: Added new voice acting for Jun
  • Audio: Game volume rebalancing, general gameplay and environment sound improvements
  • UI - Fixed that hieroglyphs were not displayed in player names
  • KIllers - Fixed that if the Survivor leaves the game while on the shoulder of the Killer, then the silhouette of the Killer remained highlighted through the walls until the end of the game
  • KIllers - Fixed that sometimes the Hunt effect was accumulating even when Survivors were not around
  • Granny - Fixed that if you throw a knife while exiting Astral, the knife will be thrown without the throw animation
  • Impostor - Fixed that half of Impostor’s body goes underground if Killer transforms from a small Prop back into Impostor
  • Impostor - Fixed that Impostor can pick up coins while being disguised as a Prop or Survivor
  • Akasha - Fixed that if you try to use Blade Dance several times during Shadow, Blade Dance animation is delayed
  • Props - Fixed that some props become transparent after taking damage
  • Survivors - Fixed some issues with Survivor skins
  • Survivors - Fixed that sometimes Survivors could fly into the sky outside the map
  • Survivors - Fixed that sometimes Survivors twitch while standing or being knocked down
  • Survivors - Fixed that sometimes Survivors slide during walking
  • Kate - Fixed that Flashlight blinds Killer from behind
  • Farm, Abbey, Camp, Circus - Added collisions where Killer couldn't reach Survivors
  • Custom game - Fixed that if you change character while pressing Start Now, previous character is displayed in the lobby
  • Minor UI fixes

Propnight’s latest update is available on PC.

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