Propnight Developer Just Released the Biggest Optimization Update for the Game Yet

Propnight Twitter/@fntasticgames

Developer FNTASTIC launched a new patch for the horror survival game Propnight not long ago, which the company touts as the biggest optimization update released for the game so far.

Patch 4.1.0 provides significant boosts in FPS. The company said that the frames per second count are now doubled, providing Propnight players with much smoother gameplay. Some optimizations have been made to improve game performance as well.

It’s also worth noting that the option to switch between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 has been added. Players may receive additional performance benefits when switching to DirectX 12. However, the game might crash on some systems when using the newer API. It’s a good thing that the option to use DirectX 11 is there in case this happens.

For balancing adjustments, the Hypnochair is now set at 120 seconds instead of 60 to 120 seconds previously. This change gives survivors more time to escape. On top of that, survivors saved from the Hypnochair now have their HP restored to full.

In terms of bug fixes, the issue where survivor abilities do not work as intended has been resolved.


  • Optimization: Frames per second (FPS) has increased twice, which means smoother gameplay for everyone
  • Optimization: 100% increase in game performance. Full immersion!
  • Balance: Substantial balance improvements implemented. Now there is no driving force in Propnight, it all depends on your ingenuity and skills!
  • Camp, School, Farm, Circus: Propmachines and Hypnochairs location changed
  • Igor - Charge: Charge duration increased and full cooldown reduced
  • Possum - Sticky Bomb: Ability cooldown time increased
  • Possum - Sticky Bomb: Now Sticky Bomb explodes automatically in 18 seconds
  • Maddy - Katana Blink: Ability cooldown time increased
  • Survivors: The time on Hypnochair always lasts for 120 seconds
  • Survivors: Now, after being saved from the Hypnochair, Survivors fully restore their health
  • Isaac: Building Set ability cooldown reduced
  • Mable: Slowdown Grenade ability cooldown reduced
  • Mable: Slowdown Grenade explosion range increased
  • Event: “Double Damage” Event duration reduced
  • Numerous user interface (UI) and sound improvements for a comfortable gaming experience and more delightful emotions!
  • Bugs: Roughly 50 bugs fixed
  • Survivors" Fixed that sometimes Survivors’ abilities didn’t work
  • Possum: Fixed that Possum could get stuck during teleportation
  • Main menu: Fixed that the calibration rank was not displayed sometimes
  • Main menu: Fixed that Jun’s “Cinnamon” skin was not showing in customization when dropped from Propbox
  • Fixed that some names and descriptions of perks were not displayed correctly

Have you played Propnight after updating to Patch 4.1.0? If so, how was your experience?

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