Project Winter May 21 Update Role Revival: New Changes in All Roles

Project Winter Update
Project Winter Update steam

Project Winter developer, Other Ocean Interactive, recently released a new update that introduced many changes across all roles.

While all roles received some tweaks, traitors got most of the attention. The traitors can now see other players transmitting radio signals of the same color, which allows them to spot the others with ease. They can also make life difficult for other players by sabotaging the bunker. This will spawn a wolf when the bunker door is opened.

Plus, traitors can sabotage the fireplace in the cabin and this will make the area very cold, and others must fix it if they want the heat restored. This can only be fixed using wood, which players have to find across the map.

Project Winter Update Role Revival


The Innocent role has been removed and replaced with the “Scout” role:

  • Scouts can use traitor hatches
  • When using a radio Scouts will see where other players transmitting with the same color radio are on the map

Changes to Traitors:

  • Traitor hacker has been removed, and all traitors can now open bunkers with traitor credits
  • All Traitors can open the truth serum lab and armory with traitor credits
  • Traitors can “repair and sabotage with delay” an objective, which repairs an objective and automatically sabotages it after a period of time
  • Traitors must now purchase items from traitor crates using traitor credits. Items in traitor drops remain the same and are not required to be purchased

Changes to Hackers:

  • Hackers no longer need electronic scrap to open bunkers
  • Hackers can open the truth serum lab and armory with electronic scrap

Changes to Detective:

  • Detectives can investigate traitor crates to potentially deduce who opened them
  • Detectives can use trap disarm kits to see who placed the traps they disarm
  • Detectives and ID Thieves now hear a jazzy theme song when they approach a dead body
  • Added the ability to choose map in Custom Mode

You can read more about the update including all the bug fixes here.

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