Project Winter March 31 Update: New Features, Bug Fixes, and More

Project Winter Update
Project Winter Update steam

Project Winter developer, Other Ocean Interactive, recently released a new update that fixed tons of known issues and introduced some cool new features. The developers added a new map located on the northern side with an elevated view watching the center of the map.

Issues, where players could get stuck while using abilities on other downed players and various environmental sound issues across maps, have been fixed by this update. Check the other changes introduced by the March 31 update below.

New Features and General Changes:

  • Two options for accessing the rest of the map from the cabin: a gondola that provides rapid transport to the southernmost tile, or a narrow ramp that descends the cliffside to the immediate area below the cabin.
  • New gameplay dynamics, with the first objective now being located outside the southern gondola station rather than around the cabin and the ability for traitors to delay the gondola via sabotage.
  • Two new main tile variations for the existing normal mode maps, which alter the positions of trees, rocks, etc. surrounding the cabin.
  • Text chat can now be used in pregame lobbies, which also logs messages when players join, leave, or get kicked.
  • Players can now only upvote the same player once per day at the end of a match.
  • Snow trails will now disappear much faster when a blizzard event is active.
  • Updated naming of bonus objectives to "bonus challenges" and adjusted their scale on the UI to better emphasize the importance of the primary escape objectives.
  • When initiating the escape vehicle countdown, if a survivor is the last remaining player alive, the vehicle will now leave immediately instead of waiting for the countdown.
  • Added sound effect that plays when sending or receiving messages via text chat to better draw attention to it.
  • Various changes to improve UI when using a controller.
  • Updated crossplay icon visuals to help them read better.
  • [Steam] Added a new option in general settings to toggle crossplay icon visibility outside of the main menu lobby (will now be hidden in-game by default).

Balance Changes:

  • Traitor radio jamming ability no longer jams red radio channel.
  • Identity Thieves now gain access to the red radio channel when stealing a traitor role.
  • All deployed traps (bear traps, landmines, tripwires) now have a three-second grace period before the deployer can activate them (previously only on the bear trap).
  • Tripwires will now slow the player who triggered them by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Tripwires can now be used to trap crates
  • Tripwires and alarm traps will now trigger their alarm when activated via the Trap Disarm Kit.
  • Reduced duration of bear traps on polar bears.
  • Explosive crossbow bolts no longer cause players to ragdoll.
  • Survivor airdrop will now always appear away from the cabin.
  • Reduced activation time for ice wall consoles from three seconds to one second.
  • Removed "don't deal damage with tools" bonus challenge and replaced it with individual challenges for not using a single type of tool.
  • Players will now drop batteries if holding one when teleported by the Solar Flare event.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed aiming reticle missing for cloned players when aiming ranged weapons at a valid target.
  • Fixed issues with targeting other players on the controller while aiming a ranged weapon if there were any items in the path between the player and the target.
  • Fixed armory icon not being shown on the map for a cloned soldier in certain cases.
  • Fixed certain cases where the game may not end if multiple players disconnect simultaneously.
  • Fixed contextual option for Hunter's reveal ability being visible while Hunter is attacking another player.
  • Fixed cabin radio not updating to show "repair tasks first" prompt if an objective is sabotaged after the first escape has been called.
  • Fixed tutorial player not using correct body type.
  • Fixed issue where the camera could remain zoomed out and player animations could break when dropping a radio while aiming a ranged weapon.
  • Fixed wolves not correctly consuming dropped meat.
  • Fixed ghost chill and ghost heal being able to affect players onboard an escape if they disembark after the ability has been used.
  • Fixed issue with ranger escape vehicle sometimes not playing audio.
  • Fixed possible connection issues for some players when first loading into the game; retry prompt will show less often.
  • Fixed issue with player corpse inventory title not displaying incorrectly in Turkish.
  • Fixed minimap being hidden by Solar Flare event when the player is not actually teleported (due to being aboard the escape vehicle or otherwise).
  • Fixed various issues with map geometry.
  • [Blackout] Fixed cases where ghost animal corpses could remain visible after the Witching Hour event had ended.

You can read more about the update here.

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