Prison Architect April 8 Update Brings Numerous Improvements

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Prison Architect developer, Double Eleven, recently released an update that fixed tons of known issues. One such fix addressed the issue where the game crashes after clicking outside the map while selecting Gardener and Janitor.

In the Going Green DLC, one major problem was the displaying of incorrect prices for Seeds, Crops, and Fertilizers when purchased using the Cloning Tool. If you've updated the game, this issue should no longer persist.

Prison Architect Update 3


  • The campaign mission "Death Row" can be progressed normally if the Power Station is dismantled and replaced: the objective "Turn the Power Station back on" is no longer blocking the level from being completed.
  • Fixed the issue with Polaroid remaining when it's meant to fade once the “Death Row” mission is triggered.
  • The bug that prohibited books and goodies to use the Library and Shop top shelf but not the middle and bottom shelves is fixed.

Going Green DLC

  • The bug that allowed to bypass the "Only outdoor" requirement for the Going Green DLC plants and grow and harvest crops indoors is fixed.
  • The bug that allowed the player to sell seed from the farmer's hands during the "Plant Crop" Action is now fixed.
  • Staff alert about being able to house zero more prisoners despite having many available spots no longer popping up on the Green Power Plant premade map.
  • The bug that covers various objects & NPCs by Light (Solar) when they move through it is fixed.

Warden Mode

  • Hiring an Accountant in Warden Mode and pressing the inventory button (bottom right) no longer causes expanding land crash.
  • Fixed the bug that made the Warden disappear at the end of the map when expanding the land while standing on the road.
  • Fixed the issue with Warden not returning to his office after dying.

Escape Mode

  • Fixed the fruit trees being replanted in incorrect spots.
  • The bug that resumed the game without prisoners after changing the game language at the Game Over scene in Escape Mode is not fixed.


  • The data about the prisoners’ participation in programs is now shown the same for the host and client.
  • The Notebook Page now disappears after being read once.
  • Issues with the cloning tool (available for hosts) are fixed.
  • [Going Green] The Working range of the Auto Harvester is now visible for the client.
  • Client can now reconnect the Power Export Meter after disconnecting it.

You can read more about the update here.

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