Prison Architect Going Green With Latest Expansion

Time to go green.
Time to go green. Paradox Interactive

Whoever said prison wasn’t sustainable is about to be proven wrong. Prison Architect is set to release its latest expansion titled Going Green. It will introduce the new farming feature to let prisoners plant and grow fresh produce. Hopefully, that should take care of some prison food issues.

The Going Green expansion is coming out on January 28 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Since it’s all about farming, that means the expansion is placing Farming as a new Prison Labor type. Farming enables prisoners to grow numerous crops, including apples, wheat, and potatoes. They can be used to feed inmates or sold outside via export.

To make farming possible, three new outdoor scenes are made available, and these are Farm Field, Fruit Orchard, and Vegetable Allotment. As the person managing the prison, you can also recruit new staff called Farm Workers. There are two extra features integrated with Farming. The first is the Pantry where any produce harvested can be stored. And the second is the Shed where you can keep farming-related items.

Aside from crops, prisoners can also grow flowers and any recreation-related plants. By letting the inmates do gardening, it allows them to have a positive fun activity.

Since we are talking about prisons, not everything is aboveboard. Prisoners can grow herbs secretly and then swipe some ingredients in the kitchen to brew some prison-made booze. The Fields themselves can even turn into a Gang Turf. That means players need to come up with better security.

To build farms, you can use alternative power sources like Wind, Solar, or a hybrid design. If you generate excess power using sources, you can sell it to the power grid.

Prison Architect Product Manager Steacy McIlwham shared that the third expansion continues to the history of the game in “riffing off popular prison fiction seen in movies, TV, and other media.”

PC players can put the Going Green expansion to their Steam wishlist here.

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