Prison Architect: Future Tech Pack Now Available on PC and Consoles

The future is here.
The future is here. Paradox Interactive

It’s time to make way for better security with the Future Tech Pack now available in Prison Architect. This is the game’s ninth content update and gives players the ability to introduce high-tech features and greater security to their compounds. It’s offered at $2.99 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Future Tech Pack lets players access upgraded tools for building and managing their compounds, such as controllable searchlights and keycard-activated doors. There are even the two robot dogs known as Subwoofer and Byte. All of these are at the players’ disposal to make sure that the compounds are more secure than ever. To match the new tech, uniforms of both inmates and guards get a futuristic design update.

To check if the heightened security is indeed effective, players can try Escape Mode and take the role of an inmate and try to escape the compounds they’ve created.

Better Security

The Future Tech Pack boasts a group of devices based on the notion of increasing security levels in the prison. It includes:

  • Electrified Fences and Glass Walls
    • These new wall types were developed to help players manage their prisoners.
    • They keep them inside while also helping to keep an eye on what they do inside.
  • Prisoner Tracking
    • It's now possible to equip prisoners with tracking belts.
    • This allows players not only to monitor the misconduct of prisoners but also their health.
  • Keycard Doors
    • The new door types use keycards along with new tracking belts.
  • ​Advanced Searchlights
    • This new feature tracks misbehaving inmates automatically.
    • It's equipped with a CCTV camera, a cone of light, and an incorporated siren.

Other New Features

  • Video Booths
    • These new devices offer prisoners a way to connect with loved ones without the risk of having physical meetings.
  • Personnel
    • The people using the technology are just as important as the technology itself.
  • Stun Batons
    • Having better tech for the prison is good but equipping staff is even better.
    • These make sure that standard guards and any riot guards can handle confrontations better when they happen.
  • Alexis Lin
    • Alexis is highly trained in the art of prisoner suppression and misconduct management.

Learn more about the Future Tech Pack. Are you ready for the future?

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