Prison Architect: Kickstand Update Adds New Dogs and Quickrooms

Kickstand Update
Kickstand Update Twitter/@PrisonArchitect

The Undead expansion for Prison Architect is now live on all platforms. But those who do not want to spend money can still enjoy the game, thanks to the free Kickstand Update launched alongside it.

The Kickstand Update brought new content that will keep players occupied for some time. Those who love dogs will find two lovable canines in the form of a little corgi and a Siberian Husky.

Players who like to design their own prisons using premade assets in Prison Architect will be busy at work with the three new Quickrooms added in this patch, namely Security, Kennel, and Parole.

In addition, developer Double Eleven introduces the new Empty Room that can be used to help section prisons into different sectors - all without the need to wall everything off. This is one of the most highly requested features, so it is nice to see that it has finally been added to Prison Architect.

This free patch brought a ton of improvements and bug fixes. Here are some of them:

  • Non-host players in multiplayer can no longer overwrite the base game quick builds with their own builds
  • Multiplayer Host’s saves for quick builds are no longer nonexistent to the other players.
  • Report Tooltips have been taught that, while important, we don’t need to see them in the Bureaucracy, Graph or Prison Grading tab
  • You no longer need a microscope to view certain texts in some languages.
  • The Play Button has been glued down. It no longer moves when rescaling premade prisons UI.
  • Cleaning Graffiti now properly allows objects to be moved in the room.
  • "Staff Category" no longer changes into "Prisoner Category" when adjusting the 'Needs' window
  • Inventory view buttons no longer disappear
  • Rats are no longer part chameleon and are able to hide under gang graffiti
  • Prisoners no longer leave this plane of existence by simply stepping on a ferry boat.
  • Player can no longer change Gang Difficulty between "legacy" and "enhance" via map setting mid game
  • Psychologists have stopped shapeshifting in the staff menu and when hired
  • 'Wall Type' switching function is no longer still active when the button prompt is not visible in quick rooms
  • Gangs will now start food fights the correct number of times
  • Criminally Insane can now comfortably rest in Coffin Beds as they’re now included in the room requirements for Padded Cells.
  • Double-click when dismissing emergencies squads now works
  • Players are able to gain experience points and money without sacrificing a significant amount of needs when using a non-powered workshop saw/press to work
  • We aren’t a hospital simulator, you’ll no longer find prisoners stuck in medical

Prison Architect Kickstand Update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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