Prison Architect: Future Tech Pack Arriving November 22

Are you ready for the future?
Are you ready for the future? Paradox Interactive

It's time to prepare for the future with Prison Architect's upcoming ninth content update. Future Tech Pack is a mini-expansion that introduces players to high-tech features which can help them manage their compounds and inmates using greater security. It's arriving November 22 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $2.99.

In Future Tech Pack, players can use advancements in inmate monitoring, customization, and structure. For example, they can build controllable searchlights and keycard-activated doors, to name a few. Meanwhile, both inmates and guards receive updated uniforms that now have a more futuristic design. By the way, this upcoming content is compatible with Escape Mode. That means players can take the perspective of an inmate and see if they can escape with all the new tech in place.

Key features of the Future Tech Pack are:

  • Advanced Searchlights
    • This technological marvel tracks misbehaving inmates.
    • With a combination of a CCTV camera, a cone of light, and a siren, nothing is sure to go unnoticed.
    • Players should be happy to know that they can operate the searchlights themselves.
  • New floors, futuristic doors, and keycards
    • Squares are a thing of the past and it's time to welcome the future with hexagonal and triangular tiles.
    • With shiny keycards now available to open every futuristic door, guards no longer need keys.
  • Structural updates, devices, and robot-dogs
    • Say goodbye to concrete walls and be ready to welcome glass.
      • With glass walls, it's easier to keep an eye on inmates at all times.
    • It's now also possible to have inmates wear a Tracking Belt.
      • Follow their locations using the tracking menu, monitors, and routers.
    • For those who want to have even tighter security, there's the Electrified Fence.
    • Players can enjoy the new futuristic look of the uniforms for inmates and guards.
    • ​Be sure to put the two new robot guard dogs, Subwoofer and Byte, to work.

If you're excited to get the Future Tech Pack, you can wishlist it now on Steam.

Releasing alongside Future Tech Pack is the free update titled The Slam. This adds quality-of-life improvements, a Visitor Only zone, and more categories for the Staff breaks, to name a few.

Are you ready for the future?

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