Predecessor: Viral Pop Star Shinbi Now Ready to Put on a Show in Patch v0.4

Patch v0.4
Patch v0.4 Steam

Predecessor, the unique action game with MOBA elements developed by Omeda Studios, has received a new update recently that introduced Shinbi.

Shinbi is the latest hero in Predecessor and she’s ready to give a performance of a lifetime. She is an agile hero capable of summoning spirit wolves to aid her in battle.

Her passive ability is called Biting Melody, which lets her basic attacks deal an additional magic damage on-hit, with chances to sometimes deal four times the damage. Its cooldown is reduced by one second every time Shinbi damages an enemy hero with her abilities.

Line Tempo is Shinbi’s primary ability. When used, she summons a Spirit Wolf that lunges in a straight line, dealing magical damage to enemies it passes through.

Her secondary ability is known as Circle Rhythm. This is a pretty good defensive ability where she summons four Spirit Wolves that circle around her for three seconds, granting a shield for the same duration that expires along with the wolves. Additionally, enemies that get too close to her receive magical damage per second.

Shinbi also has a movement ability called Rushing Beat that she can use by pressing the right mouse button (RMB). When RMB is clicked, she dashes forward dealing magical damage to enemies she passes through. Moreover, Rushing Beat can be used again within three seconds of casting, allowing her to dash a second time. This is good whenever she needs to chase dying enemies or if she needs to get away from the heat of battle.

And lastly, her Spirit Wolves can be commanded to kill enemies with her aptly named ultimate, All-Kill! Passively, dealing damage to enemy heroes applies a stack of Track for eight seconds, stacking up to eight times. When All-Kill is activated, Shinbi summons a pack of Spirit Wolves to attack the enemy with the most number of Track stacks, dealing magical damage per Spirit Wolf.

Shinbi is a pretty agile and versatile hero in Predecessor. Her kit allows her to move in and out quickly, dealing magical damage to those who oppose her. And, if the situation is dire, she can just move away or cast Circle Rhythm for some damage mitigation.

What do you think? Is Shinbi an overpowered hero or is she mediocre at best?

Predecessor Patch v0.4 is now available on PC.

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