Predecessor: Early Access Roadmap Officially Revealed

See what's being planned.
See what's being planned. Omeda Studios

We finally get a look at what's being planned for the Predecessor. Developer Omeda Studios recently revealed the Early Access Roadmap for players to learn more about what to expect in the game. In particular, the Early Access is split into different seasons, with the first one started, December 1, which will run until the end of March.

Players should be happy to know that one of the plans is to release a new hero each month, and every time a new hero is added to the game, a corresponding balance patch is launched to ensure the best possible gameplay experience. The heroes are:

  • December: Countess
  • January: Revenant
  • February: Shinbi
  • March: Codename Huntress

Here are some of what’s coming in Season One:

  • Public API
    • As a way of supporting community-driven projects, the availability of game information is high on the list of priorities.
  • ​Creep Score Bounties
    • This is planned to expand the current system and give players extra gold when getting kills on targets who are far ahead in creep score.
  • ​Match End Details
    • These are a set of screens shown at the end of a match where players get to review their performance.
    • Social interactions will also be available, like reporting a player or adding a player.
  • Player Reporting and AFK Punishments
    • This allows reports of players in-game.
    • Players who AFK or disconnect get automatic short-term queue bans that increase in length the more games a player AFKs in.
  • Tutorial V1
    • Version 1 of the tutorial is going to be added to help players understand the game better.
    • This is planned to be improved and expanded throughout Early Access and afterward.
  • Solo vs. AI Game Mode
    • The team is currently working on the AI system and the first version of this feature is almost finished.
    • Once this mode goes live, everyone gets the chance to play and practice against AI opponents.
  • Fangtooth Buff Improvements
    • Expect to see fangtooth buffs being spiced up.
    • The goal is to allow for more depth and greater comeback potential.
  • Competitive Nights
    • This hoped to be a space where competitive players can play and compete.
    • It’s available at limited times to make sure the queues are not permanently split.
    • This should allow teams to find a good balance between queue times and competitive spaces.
  • Custom Games
    • Players can enter a custom key and queue up into a custom game with their friends.
    • As a start, it’s going to support 5v5 but will be expanded over time.
  • Spectator Mode and Replays
    • Players can watch "live" matches as well as playback previously played matches.

Learn more about what’s being planned for Early Access here.

Predecessor is an action game that combines MOBA and FPS gameplay, and you can get it on Steam.

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